Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our trip

So our trip was fantastic. We had a blast with our friends Matt and Carrie (Thanks for going with!!) We were even able to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary!! We ate really good food.. Laid out by the pool all day long... enjoyed the luxuries of a 1900+ sq. foot, two bedroom, 2.5 bathroom suite at the JW Marriott... and of course we were able to spend some time with Jason (the guy who made it all possible) and his friend Heather. Thanks guys!! The room was indescribable. I don't know if I will ever experience anything like it again! I wish we could have extended our stay a few more days but that's okay.. it was great while it lasted. Here are some pictures in no particular order... sorry most of them didn't turn out great... I really need a new camera.

Bedroom #2

Bathroom #2

Jacuzzi tub #2 (we will all miss these!)

Skeet in the living room


Bedroom #1

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #1

Bathroom #1

Jacuzzi Tub #1 (sniff sniff..)

.5 bathroom

Bathroom #1

dark view of balcony

dark view of balcony #2

living room

living room

living room

living room

At Macaroni Grill (Skeet was mad at me and refused to cooperate)

Matt & Carrie at Macaroni Grill

At the pool

at the pool

the pool

the waterfall at the pool


Amy Jo said...

That room is awesome! So glad you got to chill for a few days. And who knew Skeet had such big guns!

The Schexnayders said...

Hey Candi! That room looks so nice... again Im very jealous! I hate you for being so tan and skinny. You look great! I promise Ill call you back today.

Liz - Jess said...

The Mariott's always have the best beds!

Lane said...

Yeah, it looks like you were in some real shady accomodations! How is anyone expected to stay in such filth?!?! ;)

Clare Dungey said...

Wow, that place looks amazing! Next time we come to America we're staying there with you guys!!