Friday, March 30, 2012

It's not official but...

Looks like I might be outnumbered in our house!  The little nugget didn't want to cooperate so it was not easy for the Dr. to see but Dr. S thinks we are having another sweet little boy (I hope he's sweet).  Sawyer is going to have a life long buddy.  A lot people (including Dr. S) have been asking me if I am disappointed that I am not getting my girl and I have to remind them that I have my girl, she's just waiting for me in Heaven.  Plus, I have 3 years to talk Skeet into having number 4.  I am not holding my breath but I am scared that after this new one gets a little older I'll be wishing we could have just one more.  So I asked Skeet to not do anything permanent and he agreed if I would go on the pill.  I hate birth control but I had to say yes.  He refuses to have kids after he's 40 though so I only have 3 years!! 
I am still not convinced 100% that this little nugget is a boy though, we have another ultrasound scheduled for the end of April so I won't make any plans until it is confirmed. 
Now for the best news...  I begged Dr. S to take a measurement of the baby's leg bone.  It is measuring a week ahead!!  That is wonderful news for me because Avery's legs measured weeks behind.  The relief I felt when I saw that measurement... well it's indescribable!  I finally feel like I can be happy and excited about having another baby.  The fear of getting attached and then getting bad news again was just too much for me before but now that I know things look okay so far, I feel a huge weight has been lifted.  I am ready to clean out the extra bedroom and start pulling stuff out of storage but I am going to hold off because it's still pretty early and that would leave me nothing to do when nesting hits!! 
So for now, little boy... I'll let you all know if it changes!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

11 Months

Yep, you read it right!  My sweet, adorable little boy is 11 months old today.  I cannot believe it.  I think I say it every month but the time has totally flown by!!  The fact that we will be celebrating his first birthday in just one month really freaks me out!  It was a year ago that I was just about thinking "any time now buddy".  I think I waited until he only had 3 weeks left but still... it couldn't have been a year ago.  It seems like it was only a couple of months ago!!  I am so afraid that having 2 will make the time pass even faster.  That really scares me! 

We didn't think it was possible but we love Sawyer more today than we did yesterday!  He gets us over and over again with every smile and belly laugh.  He has turned into quite the comedian and is always making us laugh and smile too!  We will admit that we spoil the crap out of the kid but if you knew him you wouldn't be able to resist him either.  He is the best baby!  The sweetest, cuddliest little boy and he pulls the cutest, funniest faces.  Skeet and I are both scared to see what this next baby will be like because we have had it oh-so-easy with Sawyer.  We cannot be lucky enough to get a perfect baby twice in a row!  Now, he doesn't sleep through the night every night and of course he throws a tantrum or two occasionally but seriously, overall he is the best baby and people who have been around him would have to agree. 

Sawyer is completely weaned.  It was both easy and hard.  He only missed it for like a day and then he was over it.  It was harder on me.  Although it's been nice to have a break.  His teeth were starting to get too involved in the sucking process and it was starting to get painful.  Plus, I know I will be starting all over again in about 5 months so the break is nice. 
He is eating solids like a champ and tries new stuff every day.  He loves to feed himself but sometimes it can take a very long time for him to finish a meal because he has discovered that he likes to play with his food in between bites.  Sometimes Skeet and I get a little impatient and have to feed him to get him to finish his food.  We love watching him play with his food though.  He takes so much joy in it so we don't discourage it.  Maybe we should but we love watching him learn and have fun.  He has started dropping pieces of food on the floor and thinks it is hilarious when Callie rushes over to clean it up.  It's nice to have an instant vacuum cleaner around the house!

Sawyer is 21 pounds and around 31 or 32 inches (he's also very wiggly which makes it hard to measure him)  He is still in 12 month clothes but some he is starting to get too tall for.  He's also starting to grow into his size 4 diapers. 

Skeet and I both have thick hair that grows crazy fast and Sawyer has inherited that from us.  He needs a haircut every 2-3 weeks but to save money I try to make it 4-5 weeks between cuts.  I need to learn to do it myself but like I said, the kid is wiggly!! 

He is all over the place now.  He can crawl pretty dang fast and you have to watch him closely and keep the floors extremely clean because he will find the only thing on the floor that will fit in his mouth and that's the first place it goes!  Especially if you forget to put Callie's food up.  He somehow knows and will head straight for the dog dish.
He pulls himself up on everything and is getting more and more daring about letting go.  He won't stand long but I am not worried, I am not in a hurry for him to walk - AT ALL! We still let him play in his walker a lot though and he loves to chase us and Callie all over the house.  We play hide and seek with him and we love to hear him squeal with delight we we jump out and say "BOO!" . 

Sawyer is talking up a storm these days.  He talks so matter of fact too, like we should know exactly what he is saying and answer him at the appropriate times.  Every once and a while we swear he says something coherent but then we can never get him to repeat it.  We both agree that his first word (other than mamma and dadda, which he says a lot these days) will be either Callie or doggie.  He adores her and she tolerates him very well.  I think she is even becoming very protective of him.

He also has the moves, this little man loves to dance!!  He'll dance to anything too.  His toys that play music, the any music playing on TV shows, anything coming out of mom's iPod, mom singing to him and even just the music in his head.

He still loves bath time and has started to stick his face in the water.  The other night he tried to drink it and ended up in a coughing fit but it's fun to see him try new things without us showing him first.

Sawyer has no fear.  He will dive head first off of anything so we have to have a hand on him any time he's on the bed, couch or even in our arms.   This makes me a little crazy because his head is too cute and I'd hate for him to break it, or even bruise it for that matter. 

He now has 6 teeth and I swear there are 4 more that can't decide whether or not they want to come in. 

I am in awe of how big and smart he is getting.  He amazes us every day and every day we are more and more grateful that he is part of our family.  We just can't get enough of him!

Here are some cute pictures of our cute boy... enjoy!

This dinosaur is meant for balls but he thinks every toy he owns needs to get bounced around in it.

First grass experience, not sure what to think.

Crawls through everything instead of going around

Loves the laptop already, we're in trouble.

This was so cute, he grabbed his puppy off the couch as he cruised by and took him on a ride.

Dad getting him started on the Dew already... I tried to stop it.


Watching Callie

Getting into Callie's food.

Love this smile!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Update

I guess I should post a little update since it's coming on a month since my last post.  This pregnancy is still going smoothly for the most part.  I have a hard time posting about it because I still feel like if some of my friends out there are still reading (which I doubt anyone really is anymore), well I don't want to be rubbing this pregnancy in any one's face.  However, because I have been printing these posts out in book form, and because my children might one day want to read them.  I was this child to have just as much as Sawyer has to read about.  Well almost as much.  Instead of the weekly posts I might do every 2 weeks or every month.  But I'll try to get all of the important stuff in there, including the belly shots. 

I am now 13 weeks along.  One more week left until my 2nd trimester!! This pregnancy is really flying by.  It's easier this time around because I have Sawyer to distract me, so I don't stress quite as much as I did when I was carrying him.  When I do let myself think about it, it's like instant stress and worry.  But it's not just that... I am driving myself crazy with wondering whether this baby is a boy or a girl.  I just want to know what to plan for!  I also want to know if I can give all of my boy stuff to my sister-in-law or if I need to hold on to it.  I pray every night that this baby is healthy.  I don't care what anyone says, after you have had a loss, and then a healthy baby, the worry doesn't go away.  It's still there, it's just as bad with the 3rd child as it was with the 2nd.  I know that we were able to have a healthy, living child and that is a huge relief but that doesn't guarantee that our next will be the same.  I can hardly wait until that ultrasound when we can look at this baby's arms and legs and see that they are measuring right on.  That his/her ribcage is perfect and his/her lungs are able to develop properly.  It's just so scary not knowing!! And again, just like with Sawyer, I find myself having a hard time planning for this baby.  Once I know that there is a good chance he/she will be okay, then I will let myself get into planning mode.  Until then I will try to keep myself distracted or drive myself nuts wondering.

I really do want to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I possibly can.  According to Skeet, this is our last baby so I want to remember everything.  Even how awful the morning sickness has been.  I don't really want to stop, especially now that we know we can get pregnant and that we have such adorable babies... it seems a shame to put an end to that, but Skeet and I have argued our entire married life about this issue.  He wanted 2 kids, I wanted 3.  Looks like I win so I shouldn't complain!! 

Here is my update...

How far along:13 weeks.

How my baby is growing: Fingerprints have formed on your baby's tiny fingertips, her veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin, and her body is starting to catch up with her head — which makes up just a third of her body size now. If you're having a girl, she now has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Your baby is almost 3 inches long (the size of a medium shrimp) and weighs nearly an ounce.

Weight gain: 5 pounds.

Maternity clothes: You betcha!!  I pulled them out last weekend and as much as I hate them, I am officially in maternity pants.  I am still trying make do with my normal shirts but I am growing so differently this time and I really just look huge when I try to wear any of my regular clothes.

Gender: Who knows?  Skeet is thinking boy...

Movement: Not yet.  Occasionally I think I feel something but then I have to remind myself that it's still early.

Sleep: Can't get enough.  Especially because Sawyer isn't sleeping well lately.  I get up twice with him before I am up for the day.  So to say I am exhausted is an understatement.

Symptoms: Nausea, cramping, headaches, nausea, fatigue, sleepiness, nausea, tiredness!!

Cravings: It changes day to day.  Nothing has really stood out.  I just need to have something in my stomach at all times.  Things I can't eat include cooked veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, you name it), steak, anything diet (the aftertaste gets me) and that includes sugar free gum (sorry to anyone who has had to suffer from my bad breath)

Best moment lately:Nothing really big has happened this week.  Last week I was able to see the baby for a minute and it looked great!!

What I am looking forward to:We have an appointment in 2 weeks.  I doubt we'll get to find out what it is but you can bet I'll be asking Dr. S to take a look!!