Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kidnapping of Candi's Blog

Hi all!

I hope Candi doesn't just kill me for doing this but I have decided to kidnap her blog so we can let all of her friends around the world that follow her blog know that we (Lisa and I) have set up a IVF fundraising site.

We want more then anything to give Candi another chance at InVetro so that someday she can enjoy the blessing of a healthy child in her arms.

Please check out the site, if you can... make a donation or just sign the guestbook as your love and support mean just as much to Candice as anything.

The site is located at http://hopeforthehoustons.blogspot.com/ and if you feel compelled we would love to have you pass it on or post the link on your own sites.

Our goal is to raise enough money by Christmas to give Candice the best gift of all... a baby!

And while I am taking up Candi's real estate here... I want to speak for our family when I say that we thank EVERYONE who has been her for Candi through the hard times. I know that the support that you have shown has helped her get through and we are forever grateful that she has such amazing friends!

Ok. That's all you will hear from me!



Lindsay-Weaver said...

Thanks for doing this for her! I don't think it's an unrealistic goal, and think they'd make AMAZING parents!

Lightning Strikes said...

I agree! I think EVERYONE could pitch in a little bit and help raise money! They really would make amazing parents! GOOD LUCK!!!