Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cali Trip

I know it's been 3 weeks since our trip to California but I wanted to post some fun pics of our trip.

We met my sister, her husband and my nephew in Dana Point on Wednesday then headed to Sea World Thursday morning. After Sea World Skeet, Charise, Sean and I headed to Petco Park to see the Padres play the St. Louis Cardinals , Skeet's favorite team. He was like a little groupie, so excited to see his favorite player, Pujols. I wish we could have gotten his autograph. The game was fun... the Cardinals won 5-1. Sean even got hit by a foul ball (see my facebook page) and was able to keep the ball. Skeet was sooo jealous!

The next day we hung out at the beach. It was warm but very overcast so we didn't stay long. Our last day in Cali we visited Balboa Park in San Diego. It was neat but way too crowded.

The morning we left, Sean flew back to Philly and Charise and Ayden packed into the bus (my parent's suburban) and drove back with us to Utah for an extended visit. Our trip home was quite eventful. About an hour outside of Las Vegas the transmission on the bus went out. We were able to drive but at a max of 45 mph. We made it to St. George (very slowly) and my little bro met us there to pick up Charise and Ayden because Ayden had had enough of the car and wanted to be in "ootah" at his house. When we stopped and were waiting for little bro to show up I heard a hissing noise and looked down to see the right rear tire was flat...and getting flatter by the second. So how many men does it take to change a tire? Well in our case it took my dad, Skeet, DJ and DJ's two friends. Then we were back on the road. Skeet and I rode with my parents back to Cedar, a 30 minute drive that took us over an hour. We were glad to be home.

Skeet and I after riding the wet roller coaster at Sea World, waiting for Sean and Charise to take their turn.
Skeet and I at Coronado Island, Hotel Coronado

Ayden and his Uncle Skeet at Sea World

The cute little family at the beach

A flower at Sea World

Ayden and his donut face at Sea World

Charise and Sean at the baseball game

Sean & Charise at Coronado Island, Hotel Coronado

Charise telling Ayden about the big fish.

Skeet and I at Sea World seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales

I photoshopped this one, I thought it was cool

This kid always has his tongue out.

There's the tongue again

This is Ayden surfing... and see the tongue...

Another tongue shot!

Skeet and Ayden again

Ayden and his Papa... kids have it made, they never have to walk in places like Sea World

Me and my Mama!

Flowers at the Botanical Gardens in Balboa Park. I love the twisties

Sean and Ayden riding the carousel at Balboa Park
Daddy and Ayden building sandcastles.


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you had a fun trip!

Liz - Jess said...

What a fun trip! I love that first picture of you and Skeet!