Monday, May 2, 2011

Yay for Sue!!

My little man is now 5 days old!  The time is already flying and it is making me panic a little bit! I am trying to enjoy every little second with him but the seconds tick by so fast!  He is already changing and looking less like he did the day he was born but he just keeps getting cuter!!  Things have been going really well since we brought him home.  He was taken off the bili lights on Saturday morning but it seems he still has some jaundice.  His numbers were still up today but his doctor (who we love!) thinks that today is his peak and the numbers will start to go down.  Our first night with him home was okay but hard because he was on the bili bed and had to be naked, so we had trouble keeping his body temperature where it needed to be.  Night two was harder because he was still on the bili bed but he also had a little bit of a tummy ache and wanted to be held most of the night, which meant I didn't get much sleep.  Yesterday he didn't want to eat.  Up until then he had been doing great with nursing.  I felt fortunate that we didn't struggle with it that much but then yesterday he wouldn't latch.  I felt so bad because nothing I did helped him and I could tell he was getting more and more hungry and frustrated.  I finally called the lactation specialist, Sue, and after crying into the phone for a few minutes, I explained my dilemma.  She immediately came out to help. Within 5 minutes of her arrival she had him latched and eating away!  My milk had come in the night before and my boobs were so full she said it was like trying to suck on a cantaloupe.  Poor guy, no wonder he couldn't latch!  She stayed for the entire feeding, answered a ton of questions and made Skeet and I both feel so much more confident with a lot of things that we were worried about.  Needless to say, Sue has been added to my list of heroes!  She is amazing and I don't know what we would have done without her!  Since then Sawyer is back to eating like a champ and he even slept most of the night last and only woke mom up twice to eat!  What a good little boy!! 

I seriously cannot get enough of him.  He is so cute and so sweet!!  He is amazing and being his mom is better than I could have ever imagined!  We have had tons of company and as much as I love hearing how cute he is and seeing how much everyone else loves him, I have a hard time handing him over cause I have become a little bit stingy about Sawyer loves.  He is so cuddly and I never want to put him down!!  Skeet has been so great too and is such a proud daddy!  Sawyer looks so much like him too, the ladies are gonna love him!  Actually... they already do! 

I do miss being pregnant, but not as much as I thought I would.  I was so scared that I would cry every day, well I do cry every day but they are tears of pure joy and pride.  Because I have my little man here with me now I don't think much about not being pregnant anymore.  I miss the movements and my tummy, but having my little boy to love on is so much better so I think it's a good trade off! 

I want to thank everyone for the kind messages and comments!  We are so lucky to have so many out there praying for Mr. Sawyer and cheering us on.  I cannot describe how amazing you all have made me feel and reading the comments always make me cry (the good kind).  I am so glad that I am able to share Sawyer with you all.  He is a very special, and very loved little boy and I can guarantee that he will grow up knowing just how much he is loved, wanted and cherished!! 

With that being said, I will leave you with a few more pictures.  I wish I could post more but my internet at home is so slow, it is really frustrating to try to upload pics. I'll try to do more later!  Here is my handsome little guy over the past few days.

3 days old

 My boys!! 
 4 days old in a milk induced coma
 2 days old, on his bili bed (he's already got his daddy's muscles)
4 days old

3 days old (no mom isn't naked in this picture)


The Beals said...

He is precious!!!!

Kenzie said...

Oh my word! Seeing him in his milk induced coma makes me so baby hungry! I LOVE that so so much! He is so sweet! Keep the pictures coming. PS I also have a testimony of Sue! She helped me with both my kids. She is a miracle worker lady.

Rae said...

He is so cute! Love all the pictures! I'm glad things are going well!

Inklings said...

He's adorable!

MINDY SAVAGE and Kids said...

Sue is a life saver!! She has come out to help me with most of my babies. The nursing thing can be so challenging, but SO SO worth it. I love those milk induced colma's. What a sweet little miracle boy!!!

Lightning Strikes said...

He's so freaking cute!!!!! I love little babies, they are always so much fun to snuggle! =) Hope we get to see you all soon! Much love!

Dee Ice Hole said...

What a sweet little guy.

Leslie said...

He is amazing and so are you!