Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 Weeks and Mother's Day

I haven't been posting as much as I probably would like to lately but I am sure you don't blame me... I just want to spend all my free time loving on my little man.  Right now, he is napping in his crib as I am trying to get him used to it so we can get him sleeping in his own room.  So far he is doing great and seems to like all the room he has to stretch out.  I think the move will be much harder on me than it will be on him. 

Mother's Day this year was so fantastic!  I celebrated my first Mother's Day back in 2007 when I was pregnant with Avery.  We didn't know she would leave us at that point and I just remember being so excited to be a mom!  The next 3 Mother's Days came and went and they were bittersweet.  I was still a mother but I wasn't able to hold my child and people didn't wish me a Happy Mother's Day because I wasn't a "normal" mom.  This year Skeet kept asking me what I wanted for Mother's Day and every time he'd ask my answer would be the same.  I have already received the best gift ever... nothing could top it.  It was an amazing day.  I spent the entire day loving on my little guy and enjoying every second.  I thought a lot about Miss Avery too but I think she wants me to be happy and to enjoy her brother.  I don't think she wants me to be sad right now.  I knew that having another child wouldn't make me forget her and wouldn't heal my heart completely but I could never have imagined how much it does help to hold my little man.  I can't help but be blissfully happy!  Being his mom is just so much better than I ever could have imagined! 

Today is Sawyer's 2 week birthday.  I can't believe how much he changes and grows every day.  Time is just flying by and although I am trying to not focus on that, I can't help but feel a little sad that in 8 weeks I will be returning to work and will be missing out on so much of him.  I wish so badly that I could be a stay at home mom!!  I hope all of you out there that get to stay at home with your kids know how lucky you are!  As much as I adore Kim, Sawyer's soon to be 2nd mom, I am so jealous of all of the time she will have with him that I won't.  It is killing me already!  I can't imagine what a wreck I am going to be in 8 weeks! 

In the last few days Sawyer has had his first bath, which he didn't love.  He did however love his second bath.  Skeet and I are a great team and I don't know what I am going to do when he starts going on fires and I have to bathe Mr. Sawyer myself!!  He still loves having his hair washed and I love how big and bright his eyes are when his daddy is washing his hair!! I always volunteer to hold him while Skeet washes because I get to watch his cute little face! 
Sawyer still hates to have his diaper changed and to be dressed or undressed!  We did however, have a couple of diaper changes in the last couple of days that he didn't scream through.  I think that is good progress! 
He is still sleeping okay.  Not great but I know it could be much worse.  I am getting between 4 and 6 hours of sleep a night, only it is in 1-2 hour increments!  I think he still has his nights and days mixed up because I think he could sleep 5 or 6 hours straight in the day if I didn't wake him up to eat.  But at night he is up every 2 to 2.5 hours wanting to eat!  All of this eating is showing on his chubby little face and his cheeks are getting more kissable every day! 
He has his 2 week check up tomorrow so I will post his stats then!  Let me just say again how much I adore my little boy! I think it's finally sinking in that he is actually mine and that I get to keep him!  He is so cuddly and lovable!  I can't get enough!

With the man who made it all possible, Dr. S

I love this outfit on him!

Cute monkey-butt!!

Wide awake after his first bath!


The Schexnayders said...

Candi! It is so true that he is getting cuter and cuter by the day! I cannot wait to hold him! I love that you got a picture of him with Dr. Sanders, that is special. I bet the Doc is so happy for you guys! I love his chubby cheecks and big dark eyes, he is a handsome little guy.

Rae said...

Soooo cute! Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Inklings said...

He is adorable, Candi!

Lightning Strikes said...

Candi I am so happy for you!!! Sawyer is soooo cute!!!

April said...

Candi! He is honestly ssooo stinking cute!! I love his cute little faces!!

Jason and Michele said...

I just noticed that his features are a lot like Avery's. He's SO kissable. I bet you can't keep your lips off him. It was when I became a mother that I gave up lip gloss or lip stick cuz it was pointless. On a side note....don't those hooded towells come in SO handy? And they're big enough that Kambree still uses hers.