Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 Weeks and Some Thoughts on Motherhood

I know I keep saying it but time just keeps flying by!  My little man is already 3 weeks old!!  He grows and changes so much every day.  I still cannot get enough of him.  I keep thinking that if I blink I might miss something cute he does or he might grow 3 inches in an instant.  It sort of reminds me of that Aerosmith song from the Armageddon movie... you know which one I am talking about I think it's called "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" or something like that. 

I am loving motherhood.  More than I ever thought I would.  I finally feel like I am serving my purpose in life.  Like I was put here to be a mom and I am finally getting to do just that!!  It is such an amazing feeling!!  A few months ago, when I was still pregnant, I was watching some home movies that my dad had given me for Christmas.  In one of them he was interviewing all his kids, asking them how old they were, what grade they were in, if they liked school, what they wanted to be when they grew up, etc.  I was 5 at the time and when my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I told him "a mom".  He asked if there was anything else.  After some shrugging and a minute or two to think about it I added, "and rich".  Even at the age of 5 I knew that I was meant to be a mom.  When I watched that video I cried.  At 5 I was so innocent.  I had no idea that becoming a mom would be one of the things I would have to work hardest to achieve in my life.  I am glad that I had my priorities straight too and that being rich came second.  I am not rich, in the $$ sense, by any means but when I think of my sweet children and amazingly supportive and loving husband, I feel like the richest girl ever!  I know it sounds totally cheesy but it's true! 

I have to admit, I haven't been getting much sleep.  Sawyer is only partly to blame for this.  You see, I was so stressed out when I was pregnant with him, that something would go wrong.  I just wanted him here so that I could just look at him and know he is okay.  Well now I can do just that.  Although I seem to think that looking at him, and making sure he is okay is much more important than sleep.  If anything ever happened to him I just don't know what I would do.  I don't know what is going to happen to Sawyer does still like to wake up every couple of hours to eat and only sometimes does he like to go right back to sleep.  Like last night for instance,  he woke up every 2 hours and then wanted to be held while he looked around for another 30 minutes at least, before he would go back to sleep.  Am I upset about the lost sleep?  If you would have asked me a month ago I would have probably been upset if someone kept me up all night long.  I love, or loved, my sleep.  If you know me, you know just how true that is.  However, now, when I look down at the warm little body in my arms and see his big bright eyes staring up at me, well let's just say I would stay up all night, every night for that moment.  He gives his best cuddles in the middle of the night and I could swear his little head smells sweeter.  I could stare at his sweet little face and kiss his head all night long.  This might change, as I get more sleep deprived.  But for now, I am just going to enjoy it. 

At three weeks Sawyer is still eating like a champ!!  He sleeps like a champ too, but only during the day.  I swear I can see him growing.  He is getting cute little rolls on his arms and legs and I love his chubby cheeks!!  He is finally wearing 0-3 month clothes and is in size 1 diapers. 
Sawyer loves his activity mat and the star that plays music and has flashing lights.  He will stare at it while he kicks and grunts!  So cute!!
Sawyer has the cutest smile EVER!!  We only get to see it when he's got gas or when he's having a good dream but I know we'll be seeing it more soon and I can't wait to show it to you all... seriously... the CUTEST!! 
He has developed reflux, gas and we think he may be a little colicky (sp?) but it's not too bad and we are hoping it doesn't get worse.

With Great Grandma and Grandpa!

He fell asleep like this... too cute!

Sawyer steals any one's heart that meets him.  His grandma Sherrie can't get enough and is more than happy to just sit and hold him whenever she gets the chance.   He is such a sweetie and his daddy and I fall more in love every day!


Amy said...

Candy, I cannot express how happy I am for you. I've been following your journey, but been a bit busy and haven't commented. Sawyer is ADORABLE!

Lindsay Logic said...

He is too cute! I'm so glad he's here so we can enjoy him, too! :)

Rae said...

So cute Candy! Enjoy every moment!

The Schexnayders said...

Candi, he is so dang cute! I dont blame you from skipping sleep to watch him. I still do that with Ayden and he is four. Going without sleep is just something we get use too. I cant wait to see you guys in person!

D Bulloch said...

Oh my he is so precious

Kate Glenn said...

He is so dang cute is that the monkey outfit that I had sent from babies r us? It is amazing how fast they grow. Preston is 5 and going thru this seperation anxiety stage he is acting like a newborn he wakes up like every 2 hours and comes to my room and tells me his scared im living on no sleep. I might as well have a newborn lol...its funny how you get used to not sleeping. I mean I don't even feel all that tired and he is 5. I am so happy for you...let me know when you want to start walking of course when the weather is better. Love you!!!!


I ♥ SAWYER!!!!