Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd Trimester!!

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: Around 3 and a half inches (the size of a lemon).  Peanut weighs 1 and a half ounces too!  If all is going well, by the end of the week Peanut's arms will be proportionate to the rest of her body.  But his legs still have some catching up to do!

Weight gain: Still not sure..I really need to invest in a scale!

Maternity clothes: Still wearing belly bands most of the time but have broken out the maternity pants and have worn them a couple of times... I just forgot how ugly they can be!!

Gender: Only 4 more weeks until we find out... what do you think?  Skeet is sure that Peanut is a girl.

Movement: I now think that the fluttering is in fact Peanut dancing around.  If I hold really still sometimes I can feel it!

Sleep: Still no problem sleeping. I could sleep all day, every day and still sleep through the night. Getting better at sleeping on my side... the key is pillows... lots of pillows!!

Symptoms: I have been feeling so much better! Occasionally if I don't eat every couple of hours I will start to feel sick and even get really shaky and faint.  I have been having more and more headaches and heartburn.  I am starting to feel round ligament pains too.  My gut is getting huge (as you may have seen in my last post) and my boobs are keeping up rather well!  I am still tired all the time but I am hoping that will start getting better so that I have more energy to work out or even clean my house! 

Cravings: Mexican food and chocolate milk... although I don't think I could handle them together!

Best moment this week: Making it to the 2nd trimester!!  We are about a third of the way through this pregnancy!!

What I am looking forward to: 2 more weeks until my next OB appt and 4 until our level II ultrasound in St. George.  I am getting so nervous!


KieraAnne said...

Congrats on 14 weeks! I think it's a boy. ;)

Jennifer said...

So very happy for you! I think boy. Not sure why.

The Reluctant Blogger said...

Yeah on 14 weeks! Hey I have a killer Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe if you are interested! Soooo yummy!

Hugs! I am so happy things are going well!

Mari Burgess said...

YAY!!! Yay for 2nd trimester, dancing baby, and cute new toes! See you tomorrow!

Rae said...

Yay! Happy 14 weeks! Love you belly pic!

d bulloch said...

Candice I have passed by your blog before but had no idea that you were you. Your story is so touching because I too suffer from infertility. I was diagnosed with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. It's really exciting that you have been given a another chance. I pray that all goes well for you.

Stefanie H said...

I have found myself coming to your blog for well over a year or 2. I hadn't checked in in several months and come to see you are pregnant and i am so thrilled for you :) What a blessing.