Tuesday, November 23, 2010

17 weeks

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of baby: 5 inches He's about the size of my palm, weighs about five ounces, and is developing some body fat (join the club, baby!). His heart is now regulated by his brain (no more random beats) to beat 140 to 150 times per minute (actually it's 154)— about twice as fast as mine! What else is up? He’s practicing the survival skills he’ll need at birth — like sucking and swallowing.

Weight gain: 0 pounds!!

Maternity clothes: I am wearing mostly maternity pants now and a few of my maternity shirts. Still trying to get use of my normal shirts for now.

Gender: BOY!!

Movement: I am feeling movement much more lately. Even a few kicks here and there.  Love it!!

Sleep: I can sleep pretty easily but am having a hard time with staying on my left side. I get really sore and uncomfortable on that side but if I am on my back or right side I sleep great! I guess I need more practice and one of those great pregnancy pillows!

Symptoms: So tired still and hungry all the time!! 

Cravings: Counting down the days to sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie!  I can hardly wait!!

Best moment this week: I bought Peanut's crib!!! I can't wait to see it, it will be here next week sometime.  Also, I was able to see Peanut again but unfortunately it wasn't for the best reasons.  I have been having contractions and pain in my back.  Dr. S found a small pocket of fluid in my cervix about 4 weeks ago and when he checked my cervix on Saturday the size of the pocket had tripled at least.  He's not sure what it is since it doesn't look like blood.  My cervix is still closed up by the baby where it needs to be closed but it almost looks like this pocket is opening up my cervix from the other side (from the outside in instead of the inside out).  We will be keeping a close eye on things and hopefully when I see the Peri in St. George next week, we will be able to get some more answers.  There is a chance that if it is opening up, we will have to have a cerclage stitch done to keep this little Peanut where he needs to stay for the next 23 weeks.  I am not really panicking yet and trying to have a positive attitude.  I have faith that Dr. S is doing everything he can for us.

What I am looking forward to: Seeing Dr. S this afternoon to see if the pocket has grown. Also seeing family and friends over the holiday!  We will be asking for advice from our families about what we should name our Peanut!!


Rae said...

Happy 17 Weeks!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Inklings said...

I've had 4 cerclages and they aren't too bad, plus they work. Hang in there, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Leslie said...

Congrats on making it 17 weeks! I am so happy for you. I will be praying for you guys and your cervical liquid pocket :) Ha ha that just sounds funny! And I have to admit I have never prayed for anything like that before.

Lightning Strikes said...

So happy for you!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a safe one at that!