Friday, October 30, 2009

Happily After Avery - Part 5

There was a crack in Avery’s spirit, “But I need Faith and Hope. Can’t I just remember them?”

“If this is your choice, I’m afraid not.”

Before the Fairy Godmother could continue, they heard a sharp yelp and saw a blast of pixie dust. When the dust settled, the group saw that Faith had used the heel from one of the Fairy Godmother’s glass slippers to slice the tip of her wing off.

“You’ve gotta have a little Faith. Take this with you,” and then Faith placed the wing tip in Avery’s palm and closed her fingers around it. Faith handed the glass to Hope who began to sob and looked a little frightened.

Avery giggled, “It’s okay Hope. You don’t have to do it. I know you love me.”

With a resolve Faith and Avery didn’t know she had, Hope sliced her wing.

“What’s a little Faith without a little Hope,” Hope placed her wing tip in Avery’s other palm.

Avery extended her hands forward and showed the Fairy Godmother her fists, “I have Faith and I have Hope and I believe I am supposed to be Skeet and Candi’s baby. It is my heart’s desire.”

With that, the Fairy Godmother began to chant and she waved her magic wand in quick circles. In a cloud of silver sparks and diamond dust, Avery disappeared.

Avery opened her eyes. She felt like she was living inside a cotton candy sky. It was warm and pink and purple. It was so comforting that she went back to sleep.

Time passed and life went on in Lilac Hollow. A few months later, the hollow was preparing for Faith’s birthday party. They were celebrating with the chocolate tarts Faith and Hope had discovered in the Festival City. The best thing about a pixie's birthday was the gift from her Fairy Godmother. Each pixie on her birthday was allowed to look into the Fairy Godmother’s crystal ball and choose one thing she would like to see.

Faith and Hope made the familiar flight to the Raspberry Cottage where their Fairy Godmother was waiting. “Happy Birthday Faith! I take it you are here for your viewing, and it looks like you have brought a friend.”

“Yes, I did and we’d like to see Avery.”

“I knew you would,” and the Fairy Godmother led them to a table where her crystal ball was waiting. They huddled around and the Fairy Godmother turned the ball until the girls could see the picture.

Candi and Skeet were in a white room and someone appeared to be rubbing a wand all over Candi’s stomach. “I don’t see her,” said Faith. The Fairy Godmother turned the ball again and they saw a machine with a black screen. “Look very closely!”

The screen came to life and, sure enough, there appeared to be a wingless pixie center stage. “Is that her?” asked Faith.

“Yes it is,” exclaimed Hope, “And, Fairy Godmother, you lied to us!”

“Whatever do you mean child?”

“She remembers us. Look at her hands. They are fists. She’s holding our wing tips. She’s holding onto Faith and Hope.”

With a warm smile the Fairy Godmother said, “Well, will you look at that.”

“She does look peaceful,” but still concerned Faith asked, “Will she be okay?”

“Oh, there will be challenges ahead. But let me ask you something. After you met Avery, how did you live?”

“Happily,” said Faith.

“Yeah, happily,” echoed Hope.

“Then so will Candi and Skeet. Because in the end, we all live happily after Avery.”

The End

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Steph said...

That is the sweetest story I,ve EVER heard. What an amazing gift from your friend. BEAUTIFUL!