Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happily After Avery - Part 4

Just then a great clap of thunder ripped through the sky. Hope woke with a start, "Faith, wake up! She's found us. She's sending a lightning bolt!"

Faith was wide awake as another clap of thunder rocked the sky. Avery grabbed her friends, "It's getting closer. We have to move away so no one gets hurt. Callie, thank you so much for your hospitality!"

The three girls buzzed to an open space, linked pinky fingers, and blew pixie dust into the sky. Thunder rolled and a great flash of light enveloped the pixies, and they began to move up through the lightning faster than they could ever hope to fly. When the lightning spit them out, they landed back in Lilac Hollow at the feet of a very angry Fairy Godmother.

"My crystal ball tells me you three visited the Festival City, made contact with a mortal child, and took up residence in the fur of a dog. Would you like to explain this trickery?"

"It was a Cotton Candy Expedition. We were chasing the cotton candy clouds and got lost. It was my idea, I'm to blame," said Avery.

Faith came to her defense, "No, I made snap dragon purses to carry the candy back. No one made me go."

"I told them not to go, " Hope grunted as Faith elbowed her in the ribs, "Okay! Fine, I was planning on eating a massive amount of cotton candy had we actually found it."

"Cotton Candy? You risked your lives for sweets? I know you are pixies but sugar is not worth your life. For the next two weeks, you are restricted to the Wizard's Library. At the end of the two weeks, you will report to me all the dangers of leaving the enchanted world," demanded the Fairy Godmother, "Now off to bed!"

Over the next two weeks, the girls studied hard preparing their reports. Avery came across a book buried deep int he tunnels of the library. She found it next to Merlin's biography. It was called, "Pixies to People." The book was about fairies who had become mortals. Faith had chastised her for spending all her time on one book, but Avery couldn't put it down.

Finally their punishment drew to a close. They headed to the Raspberry Cottage where their Fairy Godmother lived. The Fairy Godmother settled into her glass chair and called on Faith to begin.

Faith reported on the lack of belief in the mortal world. How, especially the mortals known as adults, lose the joy of Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the hollow's very own Tooth Fairy. She said she wouldn't want to live in such an unhappy, unbelieving world.

Hope talked about the flying machines she had seen on their quest. More specifically, she reported on Tahoes. She learned how they give off a nasty smoke called exhaust that is full of harmful chemicals. She had come to the conclusion that even though dragon slayers look incredibly sexy driving these machines, Hope wouldn't want to live in a place where people needed such machines to fly.

Then it was Avery's turn. She took a deep breath and began. "I love to fly. I love the Tooth Fairy; she gave me my very first pair of enamel shoes. But I learned there are mortals in the world who have so much love they create miniatures of themselves to share it with. I learned that mortals have golden beasts who guard them at all costs. I learned there is a Festival City with Green Shows and parades and street fairs. And, Faith, while most adults may not believe in Santa, they go to great lengths to ensure that their children believe as long as possible.

Fairy Godmother, I met the two most glamorous mortals in the world. They have riches beyond measure and all they want to do is share them with their own creation. I have so much happiness and I've never once thought about sharing it. Then I saw Candi's eyes and my heart burned and I wanted to give her all the happiness I have.

That's why I have found a way to share my happiness. I want you to make me Skeet and Candi's baby. I know it's possible, I read the book."

Faith and Hope's mouths dropped open in shock, Avery had been quiet since they returned to Lilac Hollow but hey had no idea what she was planning. A thoughtful Fairy Godmother said, "Avery, my dear sweet pixie, did you listen to Faith? Mortals don't always believe. And did you read the entire transfiguration chapter in your 'Pixies to People' book?"

"Yes, I did. I know the sacrifice, " said a confident Avery.

"Okay, then you know that magical species do not always crossover to the mortal world seamlessly. Sometimes there is physical pain. Sometimes the rest of the world laughs at your attempt to be mortal."

"I know. But I also know that no matter what happens to me, I get to keep my happiness if I want to. I can still give that gift no matter what," said Avery.

"Avery, what if THESE mortals don't believe? What if they give up on you?" cried Faith.

"They won't. They believe."

Hope asked, "How do you know?"

"I know because Skeet felt your pixie dust on his lips and Callie said that Candi has a warm touch. That means she has magic in her."

"Is this your true desire?" asked the Fairy Godmother.

An unwavering Avery smiled, "Yes, it is."

"You understand that you will lose all your magic and you can never come back. You won't remember any of us," said the Fairy Godmother very seriously.

** The end is near... I will be posting the last part of the story in a couple of days.**

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