Friday, October 23, 2009

Happily After Avery - Part 2

Hope began to sniffle again and sensing another pixie breakdown, Avery acted fast, "Look! A new story is about to begin. Let's go watch the puppets and then we'll figure this all out." The girls flew to the stage and rested on a rock, ready for the show. Just then a couple of blond pigtails came bounding toward them. The small girl had topaz eyes and a smile that would make a wizard blush.

"Can I have you? Can I put you in my pocket?"

Avery, feeling protective, flew right to the eye level of the girl and exclaimed, "Of course not! If you touch us, our fairy godmother will turn you into a toad!"

Just as Avery was about to spit pixie dust in the child's eye, Faith realized, "You see us! You believe! Oh, sweet child, could you please tell us where we are?"

With a giggle the girl said, "How silly, you are in the Festival City of course!"

Hope's eyes grew bright, "Ooooo. The Festival City. It sounds positively enchanted."

Amused by the fairies, the girl spun her story, "My name is Abbie and I'm six years old. I live on Leigh Hill in a castle!"

"Abbie, are you a princess? Is this your party?" Faith was concerned; she was not dressed to meet royalty.

"Well, my dad is always saying, 'Abbie, quit acting like a princess.' So, I don't think I am. And this is called The Green Show. Soon my grandma will take me home to bed and all the people will move over to the big stage. They will do grown up plays, trust me, it's not fun. You can't understand a word they are saying."

Just as Abbie was finishing, there came a shrieking, "Abbie! Abbie! Where have you been?" Some frantic woman carrying a giant bag swooped down and took Abbie's hand. "Quit talking to this rock, it is not alive. come and join your brother for the puppet show!"

"Wait! We have more questions," Avery called, but it was too late, this crazy woman dragged Abbie away. As her pigtails bounced, Abbie turned and waved goodbye to the pixies.

"The Green Show in The Festival City. I never knew such a place existed. It is so exciting with all the sweets and dancing and adventure!" Avery was definitely taken with the scene.

"It's all grand but I have a feeling we are a long way from the hollow. We need a plan," Faith, always the voice of reason, said.

The girls prepared to link pinkies and tap into their senses again when they heard a great yell. A booming, commanding voice filled the air and it said, "Candy!" The pixie heads all bobbed up at once and they heard it again, "Candy!"

Then they saw him. He was more handsome than any sailor the mermaids had ever seduced. He had hair the color of autumn in the hollow and he was looking for candy! "Candy!" He called out looking right and left. So, the girls did what all pixies do when there is the promise of something sweet.... they chased him!

"He looks strong. Do you think he's a warlock?" asked Faith. "What kind of candy do you think he lost? I hope it's strawberry flavored," wished Hope.

"Candi, where are you?"

"Here I am Skeet! I'm on the hill, over here!" said the most lilting voice Avery had ever heard. "There you are Candi," said the man as he wrapped her up in his warlock, strong arms. When he stepped back the pixies were entranced. This was his candy? It was no wonder; she was the sweetest thing the girls had ever seen. She had hair like black licorice, skin like buttercream frosting, and lips like cherry sours. She was delicious.

"Did you enjoy the show?" Skeet asked. "Yes, but I'm tired and ready to head home," Candi replied.

"Yea, I've got a fire to fight tomorrow anyway," answered Skeet.

Hope about lost her pixie dust! "Did you hear that? He fights fires! He must be a dragon slayer! I've only read about them, I've never seen one." In fact, Hope had read about every single one in Dragon Beat Magazine. "Oh, I think I'm in love!"

Candi and Skeet began to make their way out of the celebration. The pixies were at a loss. Follow the dragon slayer and his candy or stay at this whimsical party? Just then Candi took her left hand and brushed her raven hair from her face, and that's when they saw it. She was wearing some kind of magical stone on her finger. So, they did what all pixies do when they see something sparkly.... they chased it!

They followed the couple to the biggest, shiniest, mortal flying machine they had ever seen.

** Just so this makes a little bit more sense to those of you who don't live nearby... the town we live in hosts a huge Shakespearean Festival every Summer and Fall. Before the plays begin at night they hold a free green show with puppets, treats, singing, and mini plays on the University campus. It's something our town is famous for. Because of this, our town calls itself the Festival City. Also, Leigh Hill is a part of town where a lot of the more "well off" people live. We don't live there!!! **


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us! :) Did you write it?

Patty Sampson said...

This is such a cool story! It makes me miss Cedar. And I love how you describe things from the Pixie point of view. (Mortal Flying Machine- I love it!)