Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Don't Want To Forget

 These pictures won't upload the right way but I had to add them because they are so cute.
Before bathtime

too cute!

With Daddy at Kate's wedding

love this boy!!

smiles for grandma

He loves books!

eating his blanket! Too cute!
The other day I was holding my little man and started to think back to when he was just little (yea I know he's only 3 months but he's getting so big) and it made me sad to think of all the things that I miss about having a newborn.  I had the idea that periodically I need to make a list of the things he will grow out of that I love and don't want to forget.  Since I am using this blog as sort of a journal I would like to keep it all here and print it out in a book eventually.  Sawyer changes so much every day.  As you can see by the last post, he is now laughing and of course we are thrilled!  It seems like he hits another milestone every day and it is just going by so fast!  I love where he is now and I know that I will love where he will be tomorrow but that doesn't mean I don't miss where he was yesterday.   A few things I miss about the newborn stage...

holding him for hours, watching him sleep
non-stinky diapers
being able to put him down anywhere and knowing he will stay asleep
the tiny clothes (and diapers).. I hate putting bigger and bigger clothes on him.. just a reminder that he is growing so fast

Since he is growing so fast there are a few things that he is doing now that I know he'll grow out of and I am not sure I want him to.

The adorable look he gets on his face when he is eating and he is alert.  He loves to look around and his cute little forehead wrinkles up.  I just love it!  It is such a sweet and innocent look.

I will also miss nursing him.  Knowing that I am his soul source of nourishment, it just gives me a feeling of such great purpose.  I know he could have formula and do just fine but I love meal time and feel such a huge bond to him because I nurse him.  It is an amazing feeling to carry a child and know that you and your body are keeping that little person that you have never met alive.  I think it is even more amazing to know that this little person that you carried for so long is still utterly dependent on your body, even after giving birth.  I plan on nursing him for at least a year but am afraid that once he starts on solids, this feeling might go away.

While he's eating his top hand sometimes flails all over the place until it finds something to grab on to, whether it be my shirt or my nose (yes he'll grab mom's big nose... never been so grateful to have a grabbable nose).  The arm that's underneath him, that I try to wrap around my side while he eats to get it out of the way, will usually just hang out but occasionally he'll give mommy's side or back a nice little tickle.  I love it!

When he's done eating he will sometimes play with his food ( you nursing moms know what I mean) or he will just lay back and smile at me.  I can't get over how cute he is.. how Skeet and I made someone that cute is beyond me!

The way he nuzzles right into my neck when he's tired and I am rocking him.  Sometimes when he's tired but is fighting it he'll try to crawl up my chest.  If it wasn't so dang cute, it would be frustrating!

As much as I miss sleep, I will miss our time together at night.  I swear he reaches out for me when I come into his room and as soon as I pick him up he immediately starts looking for food or he just cuddles right up onto my shoulder.  Holding him in the quiet dark is just so peaceful and perfect.  I'll enjoy the extra sleep for sure, but I think I'll miss this time with him more.  

When he's tired and lying in his bouncy chair he'll talk to himself or whoever is around until he falls asleep. It's a sort of whiny sound but so sweet.  I am not sure he'll grow out of this one any time soon but you never know.  I need to get it on camera so I can have it forever!

Sucking on his hands.  He is still trying to figure out how to keep his thumb in his mouth and sometimes he just decides to stick his whole hand in his mouth. It is adorable to watch him use his other hand to keep the one in place.

He loves to sit up on your lap and look around.  He used to have a bobble head while doing this but it's getting more and more steady but he gets this look on his face that I never want to forget.  His eyes get so big and his mouth makes and "O".  He loves to see what's going on!

His stretches.  This boy can stretch and it is the cutest when he does!  When you take him out of his carseat it's more of a curled arms and legs back arch, and when he wakes up from his naps it's a whole body stretch. 

He has this stuffed bug (at least I think it's a bug) on his car seat and he just stares at it.  I am not sure if it freaks him out (from the look on his face, it might) but he will just sit and stare at that thing until he falls asleep!

The smell of his head.  As his hair gets thicker I have noticed that the smell is starting to change.  He still smells good but not like a newborn anymore.  I wish I could bottle that smell. I think I would make a fortune selling it to moms!

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