Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gummi Bear!!!

I was lucky enough to see our Peanut again today!  Everything looks great! My fluid levels are good and the baby is growing perfectly!  Heartbeat is measuring at 174 bpm and I was able to see our baby moving her arms and legs!!  She is also measuring 1 inch long!  Dr. S seems very pleased with our progress but is still concerned about getting us past 12 weeks.  Today I am 9 weeks 2 days so I have a little under 3 weeks before we hit that 12 week mark and I may drive myself crazy with nerves before then! 
Dr. S also tried to get me a 3D pic but the baby kind of looked like a bumpy blob... but like Dr. S said, it's a beautiful blob and it's my blob!!  I personally think the baby looks like a Gummi Bear at this point!  So cute! 
At my appointment today they took down all of my history and gave me books, pamphlets and other info on pregnancy.  I thought for sure when they handed me that bag this pregnancy would feel more real, but it didn't.  I still have to pinch myself multiple times a day just to see if I am dreaming.  Even watching our baby move around on the screen seemed so unreal to me.  I wish Skeet could have been there.  He has been out of town for our last 3 ultrasounds.  I go back in two weeks for our last ultrasound for a while and he just HAS to be there!!  I will reschedule that appointment over and over if I have to, just so that he can be there and experience it.  Our appt. is currently on 10/14, the day after Avery's birthday.  I think I might try to change it to her birthday.  It might be something special that Skeet and I do together that day since we have to have her birthday party the day before so that my parents can participate.  (They are going to Philly to visit my sister and her family.. I am sooo jealous!) 
As far as pregnancy symptoms go I am still nauseous on a daily basis but it is bearable. I even gained some of the weight I had lost back because I have been able to eat more than I could the first few weeks.  Actually, it was kind of sad to see how much I had gained back but as long as I don't get too far beyond my pre pregnancy weight too quickly, I think I can handle it.  I can't button up most of my pants at this point and will be pulling out the belly bands if I can find them this weekend.  I may have to start shopping for a new bra as well.  Tums have become my best friend because just about everything gives me heartburn... even water at times.  Luckily the Tums are working (they didn't when I was pregnant with Avery) and I hope that they will continue to. 
Right now I think I am mostly worried about whether or not this baby is healthy.  If he has OI type II like Avery, there is nothing we can do about it but I still pray every day that she is healthy and that we will get to keep him.  I figured it out and we will find out one way or the other, right before Christmas.  Oh I hope we have a GREAT Christmas this year! 

So there you have my pregnancy rant... I will try to post again next week but my next appt is not for another 2 weeks so I may not have much to report!


Kate Glenn said...

I love that you go back and forth between him and her throughout the post lol....I am just so excited for you. Who goes to your appointments with you. Where are the ultrasound pictures. We all want to see your little peanut too.

The Schexnayders said...

I love that you posted a picture. Your right... they do look like little gummy bears! I hope its a boy so you guys can use all of those cute boy clothes in my storage unit.

Leslie said...

"I still pray every day that she is healthy and that we will get to keep him."

This may be my all time favorite sentence! Love the she/him. I think gummy bears can be boys or girls. Good choice :)

SO excited for you.

April said...

yay oh yay oh yay!!!! That is so exciting for you Candi!!! I have my little girl say prayers for your family. I figure hers work better! :)
Thanks for keeping everyone posted!

Jennifer said...

Love how you go back and forth between he and she! Baby looks great!

The Reluctant Blogger said...

I am so excited for you! I am glad things are going well and am praying for you and your Gummy bear! Hugs!

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

What an awesome sight to see this little person growing and developing inside of you! You are in our prayers and we love these update :)

Patty Sampson said...

Yay!! We have been praying for you. And we will keep doing it, since it seems to be WORKING. :) Good luck!!

Rae said...

Gummi is so cute!

I think of you guys often! You're doing great!

I had horrible heartburn for my pregnancies too. I had a big bottle in my purse at all times!