Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prayers Please!!

I have been debating whether or not to post about this for a few months now and feel it is time because we are in desperate need of prayers. On the 18th of this month Skeet and I did a Frozen Embryo Transfer to try for our second ( and maybe third) child. Everything seemed to work out perfectly and the timing couldn't have been better.

We were supposed to find out the results of our pregnancy test on the day of my aunt's funeral so I had it moved up a day. The results came back positive but the beta number was extremely low. It was a 5. Anything under a 5 is negative, that is so like Skeet and I, we are always pushing the limits. My (amazing) doctor wasn't optimistic, he suggested we do another test in a couple of days but felt that it was a chemical pregnancy. Two days later the number came back as a 14. That ruled out a chemical pregnancy but he still felt the number was way too low. He wanted me to test again in a few days. The third beta came back at an 82. I was excited but again my doctor, not so much. He explained that he was concerned that the number is still much lower than it should be and he feels that even if the pregnancy continues, it will most likely end in miscarriage, and probably soon.

I am going to be doing another test on Monday to check the levels again and see if things are still progressing. I am praying for a number around 2200 (they are supposed to double or triple every couple of days).

I would really appreciate if you could remember Skeet, my baby and I in your prayers. I want so badly for this baby to develop and be healthy. I know it is extremely early to be announcing the news but considering the situation I am desperate. I know that if we are meant to have this baby we will but some extra prayers can't hurt! Thank you!


The Case Family said...

Lot's of prayers coming your way!
Miracles do happen.

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

All my deepest prayers and hopeful thoughts are that this will bring you and Skeet the family you so desperately deserve. Praying daily, hourly, that this is God's plan for you both. Please let me know if there is anything eles I can help you with.

All our love,

YaYa to Bryan

Remember, God has a plan for you.

Amy Jo said...

Sending thoughts your way and prayers way up high that your numbers will continue to increase and a baby will soon be joining you and Skeet. Please keep us posted.

Jennifer said...

It's never too early to ask for prayers and of course all of us are right there with you guys! Prayers are on the way!

Tina said...

You are such an amazing person. I will be praying for you. I hope that all works out well and that this pregnancy will sustain itself and leave you with an absolutely amazing child!