Friday, December 21, 2007


I know I just posted earlier today but I received a phone call from our genetics counselor this afternoon and wanted to give you all an update. She finally heard back from the specialist that was taking a look at Avery's x-rays and he said that Avery is still a mystery. He can tell for sure that she had a form of skeletal dysplasia but it must be a very rare type. He is sending her pictures to 3 other specialists and hopes to have a better answer for us by next week. The problem with it being so rare is that he doesn't think there are tests for it. Meaning they will not be able to test us to see what type of carriers we are, if any, and they will not be able to test our embryos. I had a feeling that this would be our answer but it still came as a blow. Especially when I was told that there is a possibility that we could have a one in four chance of it happening again. I haven't been able to really digest all that I have been told so I am a little numb to it all at the moment. All I know is that I love my little girl and if we are meant to have another child and he/she is like his/her sister I will still love them just as much, I just don't know if I am strong enough to go through it all again.


Anonymous said...

This is where you really lean on and trust God. You listen for his voice. Ask Him for guidance, He will help you.

theidahoklan said...


I just want to tell you how proud on you I am. You are such a strong person. You should never fell unworthy of the blessings that God and Jesus have made possible for you. God understands and I truely believe he expects this type of reaction from a grieving parent. If you didn't act like this, I think that is when he would be worried or upset. You love little Avery, just because she is not here to hold doesn't mean you will not love her more everyday for the blessing and the change she has made in your heart and life. Remember that your extended family loves you to and if you ever, ever need anything we are here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Love always,
Amber in Idaho

Tonya said...


I want to say you will get through this. I want you to believe you will get through this. I can't. You have experienced something very few people go through. I do know your know your no alone, we are all here you. Email anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candi. Hang in there. You are amazing. Stay in touch with Clare. She is going through all the same things as you are. There are many of us out here in internet land praying for you. Your idea of helping another family is brilliant. Avery has a great mom.I pray that 2008 will give you peace, and the answers you need. Love Di (a friend of Clare's)

Jennifer said...

Love your book! What a beautiful tribute to Angel Avery. Your Michigan internet friends are thinking about you and praying for you. We will not forget Avery.

Clare Dungey said...

Hang in there sweetie! I truly believe that one way or another we will be mummies to more children though I don't know God's exact plans. I know your frustration and will always understand how you feel - I consider it a blessing to have you in my life. Be comforted in knowing that you are able to help others even even through your own grief.
Theo's condition could be one in a million births and it sounds as if Avery's may be even rarer - how many people can say that their child is literally one in a million?!

Love your friend,


Katie said...

Hello! My name is Katie and I found you on Tonya's page. It sounds like you have so much love and support. You are truly blessed to have this support system. I can't say I know what you are going through, but I have a 5 month old diagnosed with Achondroplasia, so I do know the struggles. Stay strong! I know this will help other families out there going through the same thing. God has a plan for us all!
Take Care,