Saturday, December 1, 2007

They are done!!

Well most of them. Dr. Sanders finally gave me a disc of the pictures. There weren't many but they turned out so beautiful. I just wanted to share them with you all! There are a lot more of our family holding her but I will just include the ones that you can see her best.


Tonya said...

Candi and Skeet,

She's BEAUTIFUL!! I am proud of you for handling this the way you are. The ability to share something so private is special!

Prays to your family and again,
Avery is precious!!

Clare Dungey said...

Oh Candi,

She really is so beautiful! She looks so peaceful just like Theo did - no suffering or sadness for our precious babies. I thank God every day that my baby is safe with Him in Heaven and I'm sure Theo is taking care of Avery because he is a whole 3 days older!

Cherish those pictures.

Love Clare

Di said...


She is beautiful. Thank you for posting the pictures. Yes, people do read your blog, and we pray for you and others in your situation. I hope you and Clare and Tonya keep in touch. You have all been an inspiration as you trust in God to carry you, and give you strength. Remember the Footprints poem.

Love Di

Anonymous said...

I happened across your blog from the Dungey's. What a precious baby you have! I am so thankful she did not suffer and that you had the chance to hold her. Blessings to your family.
Amanda in Ohio

Jennifer said...

She's so lovely Candi. You were truly blessed to have her even though it was for such a short time. She'll always be a treasure to us all!

Anonymous said...

Avery is beautiful, just as I imagined she would be.


Kelly said...

She's lovely.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by accident through different links on the I can't tell you how your story of Avery has touched my life. Thank you for sharing your baby with all of us. I know it may not seem like it now, but I am sure God has a plan for you. and Avery is the beautiful beginning of what is to come. The pictures are amazing and I commend you on your strength. Send Avery's story to a magazine. I absolutely think they will publish it and in doing so you will honor Avery and help many others.

Clare Dungey said...

Hi Candi,

Thanks for trying to contact us. Our contact was set up wrong - should have been '' not '.com'! Should work now if you try the link.

Looking forward to sharing our experiences one mother to another.

Love Clare xx