Thursday, October 10, 2013

Big Boy!

Sawyer is almost two and a half!  If you were to look at him and hear him talk, you would definitely think he was over three.  Big brother is so smart and so stinking big!  Some days I will just sit and watch him and I cannot believe how much he has grown.  He says the funniest things to us.  He and I have some very interesting conversations.

I love how he gets so excited when he talks that he will say "no, no, no, no, no... " until he can finally spit the words out that he's trying to say.  I love how big his eyes get when he is talking about something serious or exciting.  I love how he will look at you so serious and say something totally off the wall.  I love how possessive he is of his food, even when he has no intention of eating it.  How he doesn't like to joke about his kitty, especially when it comes to grandma threatening to sleep with his kitty in his bed. 

He is becoming good at trying to negotiate.  You tell him it's nap time and he'll say "how about we paint" or "how about we watch Mickey Mouse".  The boy loves Mickey Mouse and just about anything else on Disney Jr.  He has discovered Little Einsteins and is always asking mom to pat with him.  He can recognize all of his letters and tell us what sounds they make.  He has at least 5 of his favorite books memorized and will recite them to himself when he's in bed trying to go to sleep.  He has reached the stage where he wants to do everything himself and will throw a complete tantrum if he doesn't get to do something that he thinks he should be able to do.  When he wants you to acknowledge something he is doing or sees he will repeat himself over and over until you give the right answer or response (whatever he feels is the right answer anyway). 

He loves to paint.  He is so artistic and is always wanting to color, draw, or paint.  He can count to twenty and has begun obsessing about counting things. 

He loves to boss his baby brother around.  He also loves to push, hit, kick, and scratch baby brother but Coop loves him and has started to hit back.  Some days they do play nice and it's the sweetest thing ever. 

Sawyer is becoming such a polite little boy.  If you do something for him or give him something you will usually hear an "Oh, thank you".  He's learned that "please momma" will get him a lot more than just being demanding or whiney.  He has a big heart and doesn't like when people cry or are hurt. 

He hates to have his teeth brushed but did so well at his last dentist appointment.  He just laid there and opened his mouth big and wide.  He was so proud of himself.  He adores his dad and his grandpa but he still has a soft spot for mommy (thank goodness!). 

He has started to ask you to "watch this" while he does a "trick".  He is always asking mom to dance and just the other day he sang a song for me in the car and asked me to dance to it.  He made it up and it was so precious!

Every day I am amazed by how smart he is and by the things he says.  He is definitely in his terrible twos but they seem pretty mild to Cooper's... well whatever stage Cooper is going through. 

I have said it before and I'll keep saying it.  I feel like the luckiest mom ever.  I was blessed with amazing children and I hope that I never take them for granted! 

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