Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cooper 9 Months

Our little Super Coop is growing up so fast but is still so little! He started crawling at around 7 months and looks so cute, like a little bug.  He began pulling himself up not long after that.  Some more of his recent developments are that he can feed himself and will pick anything up and put it in his mouth, he can clap his hands and play pat-a-cake, wave bye-bye (even says something that sounds like bye-bye when he's doing it) and can also shake his head.  He will mimic sounds now too which proves to be entertaining when he and Sawyer get going!
Coop has been suffering from ear infections which make him a little cranky and he doesn't really want to eat anything.  Luckily he will nurse so he gets some nourishment.  I also try to shove anything I can in his mouth when he's not looking! He will be going in next week to finally get tubes in his ears. I hope it will make him feel better!
Coop now has two teeth on the bottom and three more coming through on the top.
He hasn't been a great sleeper up until just this week.  He was waking up 4-5 times a night and just wanting to nurse and be cuddled but in the past week he's slept through the night twice and has only woken up once or twice the rest of the time.  That I can handle!  He's such a sweet little baby but also the busiest baby ever! He always wants to be moving and wants to see what is going on.  What better place to see everything than from Momma's arms?  His desire to always be moving makes it a little difficult, however, to keep him in my arms that much!  He loves to be anywhere that Sawyer is and wants to be doing or playing with whatever Sawyer is doing or playing with.  I think once they can play a little bit better together, they will be great friends. When I am holding him sometimes he will grab and hold on to my thumb or one of my fingers and sometimes even my arm. It's such a little thing but I love the feel of his tiny soft hands.  It's those little things that they stop doing so quickly that you miss so much!
Coop will be walking before a year, for sure.  He loves to be standing and moves along the furniture very well.  He keeps me on my toes for sure.
He has the cutest smile ever with the sweetest dimples.  His giggle is contagious and makes everyone laugh.  I love how sometimes when I am holding him but looking at something else he'll lean as far as he can so he can see my face and when I finally look at him he'll just grin and then snuggle in for a hug.  Everyone says he's a momma's boy and it's true.  He loves his mom and his mom LOVES him!  I don't know how to keep him from being a momma's boy so I'll just enjoy him while he's little because in a few short years he'll want nothing to do with mom. He also has this squeal that makes me laugh every time!  He will get so excited to see Sawyer and play Peek-A-Boo  with him and he'll just let out this huge squeal.  It might be the cutest sound I've ever heard!
Coop is barely 17 pounds and 27.5 inches tall. He's only in the 5th percentile for weight but the 45th for height.  He's still wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes and is in size 3 diapers.  His favorite thing to eat is anything sweet.  He loves suckers, popsicles and yogurt.  He also likes most fruits and sweet potatoes.  He will try to eat anything I give him as long as he can pick it up and eat it himself.  He hates the high chair and will fight me to get him in it unless I put some puffs or yogurt melts down and then he's very happy to sit and feed himself.
He's now had pancakes, eggs, ice cream, yogurt, spaghetti noodles, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, peaches and pears; just to name a few.
He just wants to be big like his brother and it makes me so sad. I want my baby to stay a baby for a while but he's determined to be all grown up!  He is such a cute boy and such a blessing.  I can't imagine our lives without him. 

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Lightning Strikes said...

HE's so cute and he's getting so big!! Love keeping up with you and I can't wait until I have my own little one here to enjoy watching grow!