Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Boys and Me!!

I cannot believe this summer is almost over! I have only one week left before I start my last year of my undergraduate schooling!  Crazy!!  My short break went by much quicker than I even anticipated and I could ugly cry about losing my few hours after bedtime to work out, read, and catch up on  movies! 
On a happier note though, I have absolutely adored every minute I have been able to spend with my boys.  I think I am going to hate taking them back to daycare the most!  I am still loving being a stay at home mom and know these memories are priceless and I will never regret experiencing this time with them. 
Watching them grow and learn is the most rewarding part of being a mom, by far!  I still wonder how I was so lucky to be given such amazing children!  I am truly blessed!

Sawyer is getting so big and acts so grown up for a 2 year and 4 month old!  He can talk so well and is so incredibly smart.  I think I might go insane during the day if it weren't for him and the incredibly grown-up conversations we have.  He still has the cutest voice so when he talks so grown up it is probably the most precious thing ever.  The cutest thing he started saying this week was "should we go outside and play?" or "Should we go home now?" I also love it when he asks me "So momma, how's it goin'?"  Then I always answer "pretty good buddy, how's it going with you?" and he answers back "it's goin' pitty good" He always folds his hands in front of him and leans on his elbows when he asks too.  Seriously adorable! 
Sawyer is going to be an artist.  He LOVES to draw and paint.  He is amazingly good at circles and smiley faces.  He'll even make surprised, sad, and mean faces.  Usually the first thing he says to me in the morning is "I'nna paint, should we paint momma?" Then if I don't paint with him he will continue to say "come paint momma" until I sit down and paint with him.  He melts my heart! 
He also loves to swing, swim, watch his Leap Frog videos, watch Mickey Mouse and pretty much anything else on Disney Jr., jump on the tramp, play in the sandbox, and be anywhere with daddy or grandpa doing whatever they are doing.
He loves to point out the "pitty moon", tractors, airplanes and bugs.  He squashes bugs with his hands which makes me a little nervous. The other day he tried to squash an inch and a half long stink bug with his hand ( the thing was huge and disgusting). He is crazy good at the iPad and loves anything that has to do with the alphabet or drawing. 
He is wearing 2T-3T clothes, size 5 diapers and has no interest in potty training.  He does however, hide when he poops and then runs out to tell me he has a "reawy  big poop". 
He still has jealousy issues with his brother and while he does play with him on the rare occasion, he is determined to push, hit, pinch, scratch and smother him any chance he gets.  Even after I have warned him and put him in time out multiple times... he just keeps doing it! Poor Coop!
His favorite food is oatmeal. He asks for it almost every morning and sometimes for lunch and dinner too. He also loves spaghetti and meatballs and chicken nuggets.  I have a hard time getting him to eat any veggies and he turns his nose up at most fruits as well so I am having to start get creative.  I love how when he likes his dinner he will say "mmm, momma dis is reawy good. Sank you for dinner momma". 
I could go on and on about my big boy. I am so proud of him and melt with every sweet hug and kiss and when he says "momma" in his sweet little voice. 

Cooper will be a year in less than an month and I am reeling! I cannot believe how quickly this past year has flown by.  He is such a sweet baby and gives the best hugs and kisses.  He has the most mischievous smile and does have a little monster that comes out occasionally when he bites me, hits Sawyer, makes a mad (crawling) dash for the stairs laughing because he knows someone will chase him, throws just about everything off of his high chair, destroys anything made of paper that he comes in contact with.  But his adorable laugh and dimpled smile get him out of trouble every time.
Coop is starting to talk and says words like bye-bye, momma, dad, grandpa, ball, and ba-ba (bottle).  He even woke me up the other morning when I was sleeping in his room by yelling "mama, ba-ba" over and over until I finally got out of bed!
He isn't showing any interest in walking but can crawl so fast I can barely keep up with him. He loves the stairs and will go up and down for hours if you'd let him.  He does have to stop every few minutes to be held and give me a big hug. 
He is busy, and in to EVERYTHING! He likes to put everything in his mouth as well so I cannot take my eyes off of him for more than a second.  He is still a momma's boy and if I am in the room he usually prefers that I am holding him or else everyone else gets to listen to him cry and whine until he is in my arms.  He loves water just like his brother and loves to be wherever his brother is doing whatever his brother is doing.   He will try anything but usually won't eat much if that makes any sense.  He usually puts it in his mouth, spits it out, and then if he liked it he'll put it back in.  If not, he'll throw it on the floor or squish it with his fingers.  He still eats a little bit of baby food but prefers anything anyone else is eating over what's on his tray.  Come to think of it, Sawyer is still that way too!
Coop just grew in to his 6-9 month clothes and is still in a size 3 diaper.  I can't believe how small he is compared to where Sawyer was at his age. Sawyer was transitioning to 18 month clothes at his first birthday!  Cooper is definitely a tiny little thing with a huge personality. 

I am so very blessed to have 3 beautiful children!  I cannot believe how much we had to go through to get to this point but I am thankful every day for our Heavenly Father's will and the blessings we have in our lives, in our family.  Avery is still on my mind every day. I still wonder what she would be like, getting ready to turn 6.  I am sure she would have adored her brothers and been a huge help to her momma.  Even after 6 years I feel like I have been cheated. I still have moments that sneak up on me and the tears fall as I think about her and how much she is missed.  I know she is watching over the boys and that thought gives me comfort every day. 

As one of my favorite songs says " I have all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more".

Pictures to come soon!

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