Wednesday, August 8, 2012

June 2012 Picture Overload

Sawyer has his 15 month appointment tomorrow so I'll do a better update then but here are some pictures from June that I haven't shared yet.  Have I mentioned how much I adore this little boy?  Our lives would be so dull without him. He is awesome!!

His infatuation with carrying things in his mouth started with this ball.

Decided to help daddy with the dishes! What a good boy!

He wasn't happy about the haircut but he loved the sucker (although you can't really tell from the picture)

This kid is always cracking us up... we can't get enough of his facial expressions.

We did find out later that he was actually suffering from his first ear infection.. poor boy!

He got his first fat lip at daycare (a consequence of carrying his toys in his mouth) I almost cried when I first saw it but it went down fast and barely phased him at all!  He's one tough kid!

Cute pudding face!

Sawyer has discovered that he loves drinking from any faucet

This one didn't turn out so well though, he put his entire mouth around the faucet... he hasn't tried that again.

He walks great with his toy... without it, not so much!

Best buddies!


Lindsay Logic said...

He is so stinking cute! I love the pictures. I hope you're doing well!

Jen said...

It looks like June was a fun month! He's getting big!