Wednesday, July 25, 2012

32 Week Update

I know it's been a really long time since I've done an update, but I have finally figured out that I am continuing this blog mostly for me because I don't think many people read it anymore.  I am going to keep going though because I have been printing out the blog for use as my personal journal.  I really need to do better at keeping it up to date though.  I will be doing a Sawyer update this week too because he will be 15 months!!  But for today, here is our latest pregnancy update.

I have been going in twice a week for non-stress tests.  Dr. Sanders says that they are for my peace of mind as well as for his.  They check my fluid levels by ultrasound and do the NST on Tuesdays and then on Fridays I have my prenatal appointment and an NST.  So far everything looks good!  Cooper has cooperated well for the most part and I get to lie there and listen to his heartbeat and watch TV for an hour. 

32 Weeks is a big deal to me because Avery was born at 32 weeks.  I know we haven't has as many scary episodes with Cooper as we did with Sawyer but I am still relieved we have made it this far and hope that Cooper decides to go full term!  With my shortened cervix, you never know.  I haven't been checked for over a month but as of the last time, I wasn't dilated at all so that's good news.  I believe I will be checked this week or maybe next so we'll see if the good news continues! 

How far along:32 weeks.

How my baby is growing: By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds (pick up a large jicama) and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You're gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to your baby. In fact, she'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz). Her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up in preparation for birth.

Weight gain: Not really sure, around 20-25 pounds probably. 

Maternity clothes: Oh heck yeah, although some of my favorites are not maternity.  I am quite proud of myself for still fitting in those!

Gender: Boy

Movement: Holy cow can this boy move!!  Most days I think he is trying to punch or kick his way out.  He really doesn't like it when Sawyer sits on him or leans against him... he really goes nuts then but Sawyer is oblivious and it doesn't even phase him!!

Sleep: Can't get enough. I wonder if I'll ever feel rested again.. .probably not until the boys have moved out!

Symptoms: Back pain, hip  pain, tail bone pain, and I am constantly hungry.  I know I eat way too much and the wrong stuff but at this point I am past caring. I have contractions on a daily basis too but so far nothing to worry about.

Cravings: All the wrong things of course. I am up for anything sweet (especially chocolate) and I LOVE nacho cheese Doritos.  I could eat a whole bag by myself in one sitting if I didn't have any self control, which I am proud to say, I still do!  I try to eat healthy when I can but my stomach still doesn't love veggies very much, and my nose hates the smell of cooked veggies!!

Best moment lately: Today I got to see a 3D picture of my new little guy and he is so dang cute! Plus I was able to hold my brand new, day old nephew and it made me so excited to have a little baby at home again!

What I am looking forward to: Making it to 34 weeks.  At 34 weeks we can deliver in Cedar so my stress level will go down a ton! 


Christy Kaiser said...

I am still reading! I'm glad you are back to it as well as doing well with your pregnancy.

Rae said...

Glad to hear all is well! I'd love to see a baby bump pic of you. :)

Jenell said...

So glad you updated...I'm still reading! It's great to see everything is looking good and you're moving along just fine. So awesome!! :)