Friday, October 28, 2011

6 Months!! A Half A Year Already??

Little man is a half a year old!  I cannot believe it!!  We are honestly loving every second with this sweet little boy!  I always thought he was an easy baby but I had nothing to really compare him to so when I hear from his sitters that he is such a good, laid back baby, it makes a momma very happy and very proud! 

At six months Sawyer is 16 pounds 14 ounces (39th percentile) and 27.5 inches (85th percentile). 

He is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes.  Depending on the brand.  In some brands it looks like he is getting close to moving up to 12 month because of how tall he is.  He is still in size 3 diapers and will hopefully stay that way for a while. 

Sawyer has been sitting up and is doing better every day!  He loves to sit up like a big boy and see what is going on around him.  He especially loves his high chair.  That way he can keep a good eye on Callie, who he loves.  He thinks that Callie dog is pretty funny and laughs at her more than anything else lately.

When you put him on his back to play he is usually on his stomach within seconds.  He hated tummy time from day one, but now that is his preferred position.  I think because he can look around a lot better.  He's even been sleeping on his stomach.  And of course I am hating that.  It makes me so nervous and I do roll him to his back multiple times a night but he always ends up back on his tummy.  He has discovered that it's easier to wait for mom to roll him back over to his back so he doesn't try too hard to do it himself.  I have seen him do it before though, so I know he can.  He does sleep so much better on his stomach and looks so cute and comfy that sometimes I leave him but then 5 minutes later I freak myself out and go turn him over.

He has started giving hugs and kisses and as his mom, I am loving this!  I get the majority of his loves and don't mind having my face covered in baby slime (aka drool).  His favorite thing to do these days is grab my face (or hair) and chew on my chin.  Those of you that know my profile know that I don't have much of a chin (therefore making my nose look even bigger than it is) but my chin seems to be the perfect size for Sawyer to chew on so I am loving my scrawny chiny chin chin these days!

Sawyer is loving his solids.  So far he has eaten
rice cereal
sweet potatoes
and prunes

He will eat all of them but doesn't like his rice cereal or apples very much.  I think we will probably try green beans next.  The doctor has even told us to start feeding him solids in the morning as well as at night so he'll be getting solids twice a day now.  I am not too sure how I feel about that.  I wish he would slow down a little bit and stay my baby longer!

Sawyer's smile and his laugh are so adorable and everyone that meets him just instantly loves him.  He adores his Papa Chad and of course his Daddy and always has smiles for them.  Everyone else has to work a little bit harder but it's getting easier and easier to get a big grin out of him. 

He's still not sleeping through the night.  Some nights (most nights) he only wakes up once or twice but then there's the nights that I feel like he's waking me up every hour.  I told myself that I wouldn't use the cry it out method with him if I didn't have to but unfortunately we haven't tried very hard to do it any other way and now I think we are to that point where we need to give it a try.  I don't like the idea of giving up my cuddles at night, I actually hate the thought, but I know it will be better for everyone in the long run.  I am just going to wait until Skeet is back so we can work on it together.  I am too weak and too  much of a pushover to do it alone.  Although, he usually goes down for his naps pretty easily without too much crying so hopefully bedtime won't be too much different. 

As you can tell from most of my posts, I fall more and more in love with this little boy every day.  I can't seem to get enough of him.  His Daddy feels the same way too.  Sawyer is very loved and VERY spoiled.  I am so lucky to have such a beautiful and special family and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for them.  I do sometimes think back to the first few days, weeks and even months of Sawyer's life and it makes me sad to think of how fast it has all gone.  I thought I had been cherishing every moment but I feel like I can barely remember it because it was such a whirlwind.  I try, every day, to make a mental note of how I am feeling and the experiences we have but within a week it is something new and something equally amazing and I just can't keep up. That is why I am so grateful I have this blog.  I have finally printed out the first 3 years in book form and will work on getting the last year as well.  I am so glad that I will have these posts to read and remember. 

Here are some cute current pics... Isn't he handsome?

Such a sweet face (you may have to look at it sideways to get the full effect)

Not sure why it is uploading them like this...

Sitting up all by himself in the bath... he's getting too big too fast!





Tayce and Lacie said...

I love his hair! He is so adorable. Thanks for your support and love. You are a great friend.