Tuesday, April 5, 2011

36 weeks! Seriously? Wow!!

I am not going to go off this week on one of my little vents... just want to say how incredibly awesome it feels to make it to 36 weeks and to know that in one week little Sawyer will be considered full term and could come any time!  It is crazy to think that within the next 4 weeks, we will have a little boy.  That we will finally be holding our miracle!  So awesome!

How far along: 36 Weeks

Size of baby:  Your baby is now about six pounds in weight and measures slightly more than 20 inches in length. Growth will experience a slowdown now, both so your baby will be able to fit the narrow passageway to the outside and also so he or she can store up all the energy needed for delivery.

Weight gain: Ugh... 30+ pounds!!

Maternity clothes: Don't even get me started... it takes me 30 minutes just to find something to wear that still fits! My belly likes to hang out of the bottom of even my maternity shirts these days!  Skeet was even laughing at me over the weekend because I was wearing a maternity t shirt and the lower half of my belly kept sneaking out.  I do think that the shirt had shrunk though...

Gender: BOY!!

Movement: Holy cow does this kid move!!  I really think he is just ready to get out and stretch!! He pushes so hard sometimes it takes my breath away!  I love it!! It is the most amazing feeling ever!

Sleep:  Sleep this past week has been almost impossible!  I have been sick with a bad cold and it has been rough.  I think I am finally starting to feel better though so hopefully for the last few weeks of this pregnancy I'll be able to get at least some sleep so I don't start out this motherhood thing sleep deprived!

Symptoms: Back pain, feet and hands swelling, heartburn, headaches, braxton hicks, occasional cramping, gas, constipation, itchy skin, acne (bad acne), ... the list goes on and on but to be honest... I LOVE IT!!

Cravings: I still crave everything... and eat almost everything, but in the last week I have noticed the discomfort of eating too much.  Not sure why it started out of nowhere but I am having issues with being full without feeling full.  I know I can't fit anything else in there because I am already so uncomfortable, but my brain is telling me I am still hungry.  Oh well!!

Best moment this week: Maternity photo shoot went great!!  I can't wait to get the edited pictures back to show everyone!  I was able to see the non-edited proofs and pick out my favorites.  My face has really filled out but I will still pleased with most of them and cannot wait to see how they look edited! 

What I am looking forward to: I have an appointment with Dr. S this week!! I am curious to see if we are progressing any more.  I wonder when this little boy will make his debut?  I have been trying to cherish every moment of the remainder of this pregnancy but being as sick as I have been it's not been easy.  Every time I sneeze or cough I chance peeing my pants... and we all know that isn't a pleasant experience.  I think we are finally ready for him though, meaning we have everything we need.  We still need to set up his swing but other than that I feel like he could come and I wouldn't be too stressed out.  Mentally, we are not really going to ever be ready.  We will just be thrown into this parenthood thing like all other first time parents and we'll figure it out as we go!  I can hardly wait!! 


Rae said...

Oh my! It's almost time! I had my boys at 36 weeks 1 day...that's tomorrow for you! Not like I want Sawyer coming that early, but if he did, it would be ok. I am just so excited to see the Sawyer Is Here post. :) Can't wait to see your maternity pics!

April said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you! Little boys are just the sweetest lttle things ever!

MINDY SAVAGE and Kids said...

Im so excited for you guys!!! You will be such cute parents. Just to worn you though,the next few weeks can seem like the longest part of the whole pregnancy!!
I love your weekly up dates. I hope they dont stop after the baby. Im sure we would all love to hear about your little man's developments.
Best wishes in the coming weeks! :)

Greg♥Amelia said...

Hooray!!! Such a HUGE week and soooo close to full term :) I can't tell you how happy I am for you and your husband!

Mandy said...

Congratulations! We are so excited for you! I can't wait to hear ( or I should say see) that he is here!