Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine (Warning... Mushy Content)

Last night, while I was lying in bed, I started thinking back to Skeet and my first Valentine's Day together. We had just met a couple of months before and hadn't seen each other in 6 weeks. Our relationship at that point had consisted of a few dates at first and then hours worth of phone calls every day because I had gone back to Texas, where I was living at the time, and he was in Utah. After our 2nd date I knew I was going to marry him so those 6 weeks without him was pretty much torture. I'm not sure he felt the same way but he seemed to want to be with me just as much. Our first "I love you" was even over the phone.

After we had met, I decided to move back home to Utah. We made plans for Skeet to fly to Texas and make the drive back to Utah with me. This just happened to fall right around Valentine's Day so we were able to spend our first Valentine's Day together in Dallas. I remember being so nervous, anxious, and excited to see him when I was waiting for him at the airport. When I finally saw him I just ran into his arms and I remember it was the best feeling ever! I took him out and showed him the city I had grown to love, and on Valentine's Day we spent the entire day together just enjoying each other and the fact that we were finally together again. It is one of my favorite memories because I knew that I was going home with him and we didn't have to spend that much time apart ever again. (Little did I know, 4 months after we were married, he would leave me for 2 months to go to a training in New Mexico)

Our first picture.  This was in Dallas, check out his white hair!!

Since then, we have spent as much time as we possibly can together. With his job, he is gone a lot and I miss him every time he leaves. I have to say that I think our time apart makes us appreciate each other so much more and we don't let the small stuff get to us... because it's just not worth it. I am more in love with him today than I ever thought possible and I am so thankful that he chose me to be his wife.

I can't imagine a better husband and father. He has been my rock, my best friend... my everything. Sometimes when I look at him I am just so amazed that this man loves me and that he is mine forever! I know I don't deserve him but I hope that he never figures that out!!

I love you Skeeter! Happy Valentine's Day!
Engagement photo

First dance

I love this picture... he looks so sexy!

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Rae said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Very sweet post!

I hope you had a fabulous baby shower and I'm dying to hear how it went!