Tuesday, February 8, 2011

28 weeks - 3rd trimester!

How far along: 28 Weeks.  I cannot believe we are in the 3rd trimester!!  This is so awesome!

Size of baby: By now, your baby, who weighs in at about two and a half pounds and stands — or rather lies — at almost 16 inches (measured head to toe) has added blinking to his or her growing bag of tricks. (Outside in the real world, blinking is necessary to help keep foreign objects out of the eyes.) Other impressive new talents being added to your baby's roster in the womb include coughing, more intense sucking, and, perhaps most important, better breathing. Of course, it's still best if a baby doesn't check out of that uterine hotel just yet — there's still a lot of growing and maturing to do over the next 12 weeks.

Weight gain: 20 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Mostly.  I can still get away with a few of my regular shirts!

Gender: BOY!!

Movement: Yep! He's pretty active! I love every second!

Sleep: I sleep okay but I wake up feeling like I took a beating... my whole body hurts!  I am hoping it will improve because my awesome friend Kate bought me a pregnancy pillow!

Symptoms: Back pain, feet and hands swelling, heartburn, headaches, braxton hicks, and now an irritable uterus, but despite it all, I am happy and have no reason to complain!

Cravings: I eat anything and everything that is put in front of me.  I really need to stop that!

Best moment this week: We put together Sawyer's crib and we now have his car seat and stroller!  I cannot believe there is going to be  a little boy here soon!

What I am looking forward to:  My awesome sister, mom and two of my bestest friends are throwing me a baby shower this weekend. I can't believe I am actually having a baby shower.  I always hoped that some day I'd have a reason to have one but I don't think I ever believed it would happen.  I am such a lucky girl!


Rae said...

Yay! Happy 28 Weeks and 3rd Trimester!!!

Have a fabulous time at your baby shower! Enjoy every second of it! You deserve it! I can't wait to see pictues...so please post some. :)

Lora said...

So happy for you!!!

JenJen said...

Yay for the third trimester! You're almost there!

Lindsay Logic said...

I wish I could come to your baby shower! I can hardly wait until your baby is born! I hope you feel ok for the rest of the tri!

Mandy said...

Yeah! Happy 3rd Trimester! We all are rooting for you guys!