Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I had an appointment with Dr. S today to check my cervix.  I am a little bit frustrated because I see two different things at each Dr.'s office.  When Dr. S does the ultrasound we see the "pocket" (Dr. S doesn't think it is a cyst) very clearly and are able to measure it easily.  It looks long and closer to the baby than the outer part of the cervix.  When Dr. E did the ultrasound he could barely get measurements of the "pocket", it was a different shape, and it looked closer to the outer part of the cervix than near the baby.  Dr S is more concerned. With the measurements today it almost looks like my cervix is almost as much open as it is closed.  However the opening is still just in the middle part.  Both the inner and outer parts look nice and closed.  He still thinks a cerclage would be extreme for me right now and agrees that we should continue weekly monitoring.  So I will see Dr. E next Wednesday and then check in again with Dr. S on Friday.  We didn't really look at our little monkey boy but I saw him moving around in there and could feel him throughout the ultrasound so I wasn't too upset.  Dr. S agreed to do some better pictures and even some 3D but he wants to wait until our little guy bulks up a little bit.  We will probably do it in a couple of weeks.  I can't wait!! 

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Kenzie said...

I know this is a bit bossy but could we see some belly shots please??? Sometimes it seems I run into you all the time and sometimes I never see you. I don't have ANY belly shots of either of my kids because my mom accidentally erased them. So please take some and show us. I know you did some awhile ago but keep 'em coming!:)