Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Side Effects

So far the chlomid is making me tired, dizzy, tired, ornery, tired, moody, tired and bloated... oh and tired.  If I can fit it in this week I am going to try meditating a little bit.  I want to focus on my ovaries and will them to work right for once!!  I know it sounds silly but I will try anything right about now! 

I tried to take a pic of Callie to post but my camera's battery was dead... maybe tonight!


Lindsay Logic said...

Good luck! Hopefully the side effects go away soon. You only have a few more days...hang in there! Then it's time to start with the OPKs and BBTs!!! :)

KC said...

Thanks for the update. I am supposed to start taking cholmid next week so now I know what to look forward too. My ovaries are so stubborn I can't imagine they will ever cooperate but you have to hope.