Monday, April 26, 2010

Long post!

I haven't done a long post in a while and I guess I have missed a lot. I had my interview with Valley View for the Radiology Tech program last Friday.  I guess it went well but they interviewed 17 people and only have 3 spots open.  They did tell me that I would know if I got in or not in about 2 weeks.  I don't have a great feeling about it this time around.  The interview was okay but when I told them that I wanted to do ultrasounds they asked why I didn't just find a school that just had an ultrasound program.  Later in the interview they asked what I would do if I couldn't get a job locall after I was done with school.  My answer to the first question was that my husband's job is here, my family is here and our home is here.  My answer to my second question was that if my husband was relocated I could find a job whereever he went.  They kind of contradicted each other and when I got home I realized how dumb I must have sounded.  What I meant to say was that it's one thing to relocate for school but I would never ask my husband to do that.  But I know that eventually Skeet wants to move up and to do so we may have to move.  That would be a perfect opportunity for us to find a place where we could both get a job.  I am not quite ready to leave yet and would love to get my schooling done first.  I wish I could have communicated that better in my interview. 

As far as our fertility struggle goes.. I thought I had ovulated, but I didn't.  I had the pain, a positive ovulation predictor test, and all the other signs of ovulation.  However, when I had my progesterone level tested, it showed that I had not ovulated.  I am hoping that Dr. S will call me in a prescription and I can get AF induced right away.  We will move up to 100 mg of Chlomid and see how that works.  If it doesn't work I think we will be taking a break from trying to conceive for a while.  Especially if I do end up getting into the program.  I am really bummed.  I wanted so badly for this to work for us but I guess it's just not going to ever go like I hope it will.  Can I say it again?  IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!

I have been bugging Skeet about taking me on vacation for months now.  I wanted to go on a cruise but when it came down to it we just weren't in a place financially to do a cruise.  So... last weekend we spent 3 nights in Vegas with our friends the Buhlers.  We had a blast! I didn't want to come home and I am usually sick of Vegas after a day.  We spent some time by the pool, ate tons of good food, got in a Cirque De Soliel show, and got to get in a little site seeing.  We stayed at the new Planet Hollywood Towers and our rooms were so nice.  Skeet and I spent the first night at the Trump (it's a long story) and that room was very nice as well, the hotel was just a little too far out of the way for us though.  I took tons of pictures but unfortunately, I still haven't figured out my camera and hardly any of them turned out.  I am hoping that Carrie got some good ones that she will share with us.  Thanks Buhlers for making our vacation a blast!! We love you!

Some fun pics of us at the pool and checking out the City Center and the Fountains at Bellagio.

The flower garden at the Bellagio.  We saw Brad Garrett of "Everybody Loves Raymond"   It was pretty cool!  The flowers were beautiful too.  I wish my yard looked like that!

I never did mention (had planned on doing an entire post on but never got around to it) that I had to put my sweet kitty Sassy down last month. One day I was leaving for work and noticed that she was acting funny, then I saw her have a seizure. She kept having them over and over. I took her in to the vet and he told me that they might be able to stop them but she wasn't going to get better. Her liver and her kidneys were both failing. So I made the tough decision and told him to put her out of her misery. It was awful. I watched as they held her down and gave her the shot that made her take her last breath. It was peaceful but kind of traumatic at the same time. The first week was really hard for me. I mean she was my kitty for about 15 years. I still have a hard time when I close the garage at night because for a second I will think that I need to feed her or make sure she is in before the garage door comes down, but then I remember she's not there anymore.

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Marianne said...

I used clomid with my girls it took150 mg when I took the prog. test it said both times that it was not high enough.It also took 3 cycles at the 150 mg to jump start me.