Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Final.... s

Today I take my last final of the semester! I am so excited! I think that because this is my second attempt at college I push myself to do my absolute best. I mean come on.. I am 27 years old, I should easily be able to pull A's. Especially when I can only take 9 credits a semester. Well this last semester I only had 8 credits. 2 classes and 2 labs. I did Anatomy and an Anatomy Lab online and did Biology 1610 and the lab in the classroom. It kept me plenty busy and now I am down to my Biology 1610 final. My first final last week was my Bio lab final and I choked, bombed, crashed... well pretty much I disappointed myself by pulling only a 72%. I have not gotten that bad on a test...that I showed up for... ever!!

So basically I blame it on coming off all the hormones from my last failed fertility treatment. That has to be it because I looked at the test yesterday and I KNEW almost all of the questions that I missed and couldn't figure out why I would mark the answer I did! Luckily for me my awesome professor graded on a little bit of a curve and I still pulled an A- in my lab.

Tuesday night I took my Anatomy final. I went from using my book for all the assignments and tests to doing one big test from memory only. We had come to campus to take the final so I have been studying the material like crazy the past couple of weeks. When I walked out of that final I felt as though maybe I had gotten around an 80%. I think I still would have been able to keep my A so I wasn't too worried. Well I found out yesterday that I did much better than I thought. I don't know the actual percentage but it was over a 94% because I got an A.

There was no final test in my Anatomy lab but I know from my assignments that I got an A in that class as well. So I am up 2 "A"s and an "A-" and I have one final to go. I am unbelievably stressed but so looking forward to it being over. And best of all... we are leaving for Vegas as soon as I am done. We are going down to see Gary Allan in concert and finish up our Christmas shopping. I am really excited to get away and maybe party a little! Gary is really awesome in concert and even if he wasn't, he is really fun to look at!

My sister will be leaving Ayden with my mom and dad and she will be joining Skeet and I for a fun night in Vegas. Since Skeet will be there I won't be able to drool over Gary too much but that's okay... it will still be fun!
When we get home I will finally be able to start getting Christmas done. Also, my bathroom, bedroom and laundry pile are in desperate need of attention! I have put everything aside in order to be prepared for finals so I have a lot of catching up to do. I hope you all have a great weekend!! I'll post an update after the concert.


Clare Dungey said...

You can't go to Vegas without me - very jealous!!!

Have fun!!

Love Clare xx

The Bartons said...

Hey we are headed to Vegas for my bday this weekend. I am not going to see Gary Allan this year :( but I love him he is my favorite artist! Have fun at the concert! He does put on an awesome show I have seen him a few times.

Leslie said...

You have such a better attitude than me. My thought about my final was "I can totally fail this test and still pass the class and graduate!" So needless to say I didn't study. I still got over 80% so I totally passed. While I was walking to my car after my class I thought "I never have to make this walk again as a student!" There's not a better feeling in the world.

Amy Jo said...

Congrats on the good grades! Have a blast in Vegas...can't wait to hear about it!