Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's Been How Long??

I haven't updated for so long and feel like it's just going to get harder to do it the longer I wait.  Especially since summer school starts in a few days and my free time... well I won't have any free time.
It seems like so much has happened since I quit my job in January.  The boys are growing so fast and I don't regret my decision to stay home with them at all.  It has been trying to say the least but the memories I have of them are priceless and I just feel so lucky to be able to spend so much time with them.
Sawyer turned two almost a month ago (I'll try to give him his own post on that) and in my opinion, is the smartest little two year old ever!  Coop is almost nine months now and has been growing up so fast.  He's been crawling for a couple of months now as well as pulling himself up, walking along furniture, feeding himself, clapping his hands and shaking his head no.  I am so proud of both of them.  They both have amazing personalities and impress me every day!
We sold our home and closed on it this week.  I talked Skeet into moving in with my parents through fire season and summer school so if he is gone, I will still have some help and maybe I will be able to keep some of my sanity.  I was really sad to leave our house.  We had almost nine years of memories in that place and I don't want to forget any of them, good or bad.  It was such a small house though and we grew out of it the day we brought Sawyer home. I know we would have moved eventually but we just had to speed up the process a bit!
We have survived the first two weeks with my parents.  It will definitely take some adjusting and getting used to but I think it will be for the best, especially with the dry weather and the bad fire season that they are predicting. 
I also survived my first semester as a full time student and full time mom.  I even pulled a 4.0, which was really tough so I am a little proud of myself.  I hope that I can keep it up while still spending as much time as possible with my family.  I don't get much sleep anymore and it wears on me sometimes but I know it will all pay off in the long run when I have my degree and a decent job... I can sleep then, right?
Skeet has been great through everything.  He's so supportive and is such a great dad.  I know this summer is going to be so hard on him, not getting to spend as much time with the boys, so I hope we can make the most of the few days he gets off every couple of weeks.
I am so grateful every day for my family and the opportunity I have to raise my boys and spend this precious time with them.  I hope I can at least post once a month so I can keep printing out the blog every year, I have a feeling that might be tough though!
Stay tuned for Sawyer's 2nd birthday post and some fun pictures of two of the cutest little boys ever!!

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