Friday, December 14, 2012

Cooper 3 months

I am SOOOO behind!!  I can't believe my baby is 3 months old already!  I feel bad that I missed his 2 month update! He is growing up so fast but he's still a tiny little thing and honestly, I am okay with that!!  He is such a sweet little baby and his smile and laugh just melt our hearts!!  His older brother is even warming up to him and loves to see him smile too!  Cooper adores Sawyer and if they are ever in the same room he is constantly watching big brother and smiling at him!  Having 2 kids has been so much fun and I do realize how incredibly blessed I am!  They are also very lucky because they have a beautiful angel watching over them and I am so grateful for that as well.

A few things about Mr. Cooper, or Super Cooper as a lot of people are now calling him. 

He weighs 12 pounds 5 ounces and who knows how long he is... he's kind of a shortie!
He HATES tummy time.  It makes him so mad when he has to do it but he's getting better. 
He hasn't rolled over again for over a month.  Maybe the first few times were a fluke but I am not in a rush for him to be rolling yet anyway.
He smiles and laughs now.  Mostly at mom but he's done it a few times for dad.  Sawyer always liked Dad better so I am thinking maybe my Cooper will be a mamma's boy for a while!  No complaining here! He has the cutest dimples and the sweetest little belly laugh.  His favorite time to smile and talk to me while he is supposed to be eating.  He'll pull back, look up at me and give me the biggest grin, even if it causes him to get thoroughly squirted in the face with milk!
He has the strongest core for a baby.  He loves to be sitting right up and looking around.  If he's is lying on any amount of incline he will sit himself right up.  He still needs support but I can see him doing it by himself within a month or so.
He has started grabbing onto toys and other things and is so proud of himself when he does so!
He rarely cries but when he does it is a combination of the cutest and saddest thing ever!
He loves to be naked... but what little boy doesn't?
He sleeps okay. Usually he is only up once a night and then again around 5 or 6 when I have to get up for work anyway.
He loves bath time and kicking  in the water but hates to get his hair washed.
He currently is fighting his first cold, which brought on his first eye infection, that we are hoping doesn't turn into his first ear infection.  Even with being sick, he's still such a happy baby.
He is very wiggly and it makes it hard to cuddle with him so I take advantage of those rare moments when he'll sleep on my shoulder so I can get the occasional cuddle in!

Here are a few fun pictures from the past couple of months.  I adore this little guy!!


Lindsay Logic said...

So, so cute!

Jen said...

We call our Cooper, Super Cooper, too! I think every Cooper is though, lol...

He's a cutie!

Danielle said...

I love these pictures. Can't believe you have another one. Miss you!