Monday, May 7, 2012

1 Year

This post is a little late, and I am sorry. I blame finals!  Now that those are over I feel like I can breathe again, at least for a month until my summer courses start. 
How is it possible that our little man is one?  I still can't believe it.  He is growing so fast and getting smarter every day.  We love watching him learn and grow but I wish there was a way to slow it down just a bit so that I can enjoy him at every stage.  It seems like once you realize a new stage has started, it's already on it's way out and he's entered the next. 
He had his one year appointment last week and everything went great! 

He stats are:
21 lbs 9 ounces - 29th percentile
32 inches (well almost) - 92nd percentile

Yep our little guy is very tall and very skinny!  He still has cute rolls on his legs and dimples in his hands and arms, and of course he has his cute chubby cheeks so I think he's just perfect!  I think his cheeks are kissed more than any cheeks in the history of the world. I kiss him every chance I get!

Sawyer isn't walking yet (thank goodness) but he gets around just fine.  He can crawl really fast and loves to walk around the furniture and the walls and he pulls himself up on everything... even the dog and mom's leg! 

He can say momma, dadda, papa, bubbles, yep and I swear he can say doggie (it's either that or Callie).  He doesn't always use them in the right context but I think that's normal... or at least I hope!  And he does not perform so he won't usually say anything if you ask him to. He talks up a storm all the time and Skeet and I both love listening to him jabber!

He is finally drinking from a sippy on his own (hallelujah!) and has really taken to milk. I see us being off of formula completely by the end of this week or next.  He still won't hold his own bottle... stubborn little stinker!

His tastes in food change on a daily basis. What he loves one day will end up on the floor the next.  One thing he never turns away is Mac and Cheese.  He will also usually eat anything sweet and has recently discovered yogurt.  I am the biggest problem when it comes to introducing him to new foods, mostly because Skeet and I haven't been eating all that healthy lately (I have a very picky stomach this pregnancy and Skeet is just down right picky all the time) so I try to feed Sawyer food healthier than what we are eating.  Most of the time he ends up with pre-made toddler meals and sometimes even plain old baby food. 

Sawyer is the cuddliest little boy and I can't get enough.  I get hugs and kisses all the time and it just melts my heart.  This boy is quickly figuring out that a hug and a kiss can get him pretty much anything he wants!

He still loves bath time.  Unfortunately he's also realized how much fun it is to poop in the tub.  We went almost a full year with no incidents and then one day he tries it and has done it four more times since.  So gross!!!  I just love disinfecting and sterilizing everything every other day!! :) 

I think Mr. Sawyer is going to be our little comedian.  He loves to make us laugh and loves to laugh at himself.  He has started doing a surprised face and it's hilarious because he'll do it (which is so dang cute by itself) and then he'll laugh at himself so hard ( which makes it even more cute). 

The boy has no fear what so ever!  If we have him on the couch or bed we have to keep a hand on him at all times because out of no where he will decide to dive head first off of the edge.  He knows how to turn around and slide off (I have taught him and seen him do it a few times) but he prefers the head dive with mom or dad catching him by the leg at the last minute.  He thinks it's pretty funny!

His favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Although he does love any show with music in it.  He is a great dancer and dances to any music he hears. 

Sawyer is so busy, always on the move and always in to everything!  He keeps us on our toes but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I adore him and am so grateful, everyday, to be his mom.

Now, prepare for a picture overload... I couldn't decide the ones I liked best so you are getting them all ( okay well most of them).
Snot bubbles in the bath!

Surprised face

New shades!  One cool dude!

Fun in the sun!!

Sawyer's first Easter basket

It was all over the floor within seconds.

Sharing a sucker with Daddy.

Taking a bath with his glow sticks

Helping daddy baby proof


KC said...

He is gorgeous and clearly has a great sense of humour. I can't believe he is 1 already!!