Friday, January 27, 2012

3 Quarters of a Year

9 MONTHS!!  My baby is 9 months old!  He is so big! And so smart! And so dang Cute!!  We are loving every second with Sawyer.  He really is the perfect fit for our family.  Everyone just adores him and he always keeps us laughing.  I am sad that he's growing up so fast but I have to admit it is a lot of fun to watch him grow and learn every day!  I cherish every second I get to spend with him and everyday I wish it could be more. 

Sawyer had his 9 month check up yesterday so here are his stats...
20 pounds exactly - 43rd percentile
29 inches (although I think it's closer to 30) - 74th percentile
Head is 18 inches which is around the 60th percentile. 

He is pretty healthy for the most part.  Right now he has a stuffy nose but nothing we can't handle. Also, Dr. N wants Sawyer to get an x-ray done of his spine.  He has had the cutest little crooked bum crack for as long as I've known him and I just thought it was just part of what made him so stinkin cute and special.  Well Dr. N is concerned that it could be due to a form of Spina Bifida.  I was freaked out to hear that but calmed down when he assured us that it shouldn't affect Sawyer's life in the slightest.  Except for perhaps a large growth that could form right at the top of his cute little crack.  We have yet to visit radiology but will be doing so soon and I'll let you know what we find out.  For some reason I am not very worried and just have this feeling that my little man is going to be just fine.

Here are a few fun facts about our 9 month old...
Has started step 3 foods and has loved them so far. 
He has also tried french toast, pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, PF breadstick, noodles, crackers, cutie oranges, and lemonade. 
He is still nursing for the most part but does have one bottle of formula per day.  Starting next month we might bump it up to two as we start to wean him.  We hope to have him fully weaned by one year.
He can crawl, but only army crawl and only backwards.  This upsets him sometimes when he really wants to get at what's in front of him.  I see him taking off any day now though which means we need to get baby-proofed fast!
He can pull himself up to standing and loves to stand up like a big boy.  He also loves to walk in his walker or holding on to some one's hands. 
He loves the opening credits to any TV show as long as there is singing or music. As soon as that part is over he has no interest in the TV at all (unless it's football or Elmo, then he might pay attention for a few more seconds).
He still loves bath time and takes his splashing and kicking very seriously.  We can't wait to take him swimming.
His hair grows crazy fast (like both mommy and daddy's) and has had his 3rd haircut already! 
He's wearing mostly 12 month clothes except for his Gerber stuff which runs small so he has to have 18 month.  He's still in size 3 diapers but we have a box of 4s just waiting to be opened.
He still has only two teeth but Dr. N thinks the top 2 are well on their way.  Sawyer loves to have his teeth brushed too (when mom remembers to do it).
He still loves story time and would sit and listen to his favorite books over and over.
He loves playing peek a boo, especially with mommy and grandma. He also loves playing "Monkey on the Bed" and will jump, fall over and shake his head no along with the song.  He also thinks it's great when mommy sings "Old McDonald Has A Farm" and makes all the animal noises.
When you ask him where the doggie is, he looks around for Callie. 

I cannot get over how much I love my little boy.  He has both his Daddy and I wrapped tightly around his little finger.  I cannot imagine our lives without him and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for letting me be Sawyer's mom.  I miss him so much every minute I am not with him and wonder if that will ever go away?  Not that I want it to but it is so hard to leave him every day.  He is such a busy boy these days too and always keeps us on our toes.  I am looking forward to our spring and summer together, we are going to have so much fun!

Here are some recent pictures, I hope you love them as much as I do! ( I still haven't completely figured out my camera yet and didn't have time to edit any of these so some aren't great quality)

And now, for Sawyer's silly faces... he is too funny!!


Tayce and Lacie said...

SO ADORABLE. I love him! I hope I get to see him soon. Hope you are doing well! Have a great weekend.

Patty Sampson said...

So Cute!! I can't get over his chubby little body, and his grin. :)

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable Candi!!