Thursday, July 7, 2011

2 month update

Sawyer went in for his 2 month well baby check up and he did great!!  He is 12 pounds 12 ounces, in the 63rd percentile for his age; 24.5 inches, which is the 88th percentile; and his head is 15.75 inches, which is the 40th percentile.  He looks very healthy and is a tall boy!!  Dr N  thinks that he might have some mild allergies so we will try some Benedryl (sp??) in a couple of days to see if it helps.  Other than that he is good for another 2 months!  He did get 3 shots today and let's just say it was sad.  We have never seen him cry like that but he recovered quickly and seems to be doing just fine!  I think mom and dad were more upset than he was!  We are so proud of our growing boy!!  He has been such a huge blessing!


Devon Henrie said...

Glad his shots are over with! I don't like to imagine those big cute eyes filled with tears :(!

The Kelsey's said...

Thats so funny! Greyson was exactly the same weight and height at his 2 month appt!