Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Honor of Theo Dungey - 10/10/07

Little Theo was born 3 days before my Avery and his mom, dad and I have become friends despite the very sad circumstances.  Theo had a lethal form of Skeletal Dysplasia as well and I know his mum and dad miss him every day.  His kind momma sent us this outfit, the first she bought for her sweet little boy and he never got to wear it.  We are so touched and honored that she chose to pass it on to our special little guy.  Thank you Clare and Andy! We love you and Mr. Theo too!

The outfit came with cute little booties but Sawyer would kick them off as fast as I could get them on.  We tried many times to get a picture with them on but that boy got them off fast! 


Mari Burgess said...

ahhhh...that may be the sweetest thing I have ever heard. What considerate selfless parents.

Melissa said...

Ahhh... such a sweet gesture! I am sure they are proud that Sawyer got to wear it! :0)

Rebecca Henrie said...

Candi, I am sorry I haven't posted more, but I just have to say that Tori and I are in love with Sawyer!!! He is so gosh-darned cute!! I am so, so, can't explain happy for you and Skeet. I love this adorable little outfit and pray for that family. What a heartfelt gift! We want to come visit you so bad!! Text me your address some time and when it would be good to come visit. Tori wants to come too if that's okay! 435-463-0771. Love ya cute girl