Friday, January 7, 2011


My appointment today was okay overall.  My cervix has shortened a bit.  It has gone from around 3.2 cm to 2.6 cm.  Not a huge change but enough to make me sweat it a little bit.  Dr. S didn't seem too concerned.  What really concerned me was his excitement about me making it to 24 weeks.  He kept asking me if I was excited and telling me I'm almost there.  I hope his excitement is only about the big milestone and not because he is thinking Sawyer will be making an appearance soon. I really don't want Sawyer to come for a long time.  I want him to be very healthy and able to come home right away! 
I have a little bit of concern about the ultrasounds too.  Today, before my appt. I felt great.  No contractions, no headaches.  Then about 15 minutes after the ultrasound I felt the contractions start.  So I am gearing up for another headache today but hopefully the contractions stop. 
I will go back next Tuesday for another ultrasound and then again on Friday. After that he may change it so that I only see him once a week.  I also did my first progesterone injection last night.  It is the same type of thing I had to do when I did IVF so it's nothing new and it's only once a week so I am sure we can handle it.  I just hope it helps.  There is not any real proof that it does but it's worth a shot! 


Rae said...

You are doing great! Just keep resting and taking your progestrone.

Kate Glenn said...

Keep thinking positive Candi really everything is fine and yes he is excited that you hit that milestone and that you have a healthy baby!!!! Its going to be great!!! POSITIVE POSITIVE!!!! Love you!!!

The Schexnayders said...

Well I think I know Dr. S pretty well and I dont think he would get you excited and worked up if he didnt think the outcome was good. I know there are unknowns to him but I think as far as he is concerned, things are great. Love ya Sis, try to relax (I know its easier said then done). Love you