Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Much

I know I haven't posted in a while, not much has been going on with us.  Skeet spent 2 weeks in St. George to finish off his Master's class he started last fall.  I have been busy with school, work and volunteering in the Radiology Dept. at the hospital.  I am sure most everyone has figured out by now that our last cycle didn't result in a pregnancy.  I was going to take a nice long break from TTC because of Skeet's unpredictable work schedule during fire season, but I did know where he was going to be around ovulation in June so I decided to go for it again.  I didn't do acupuncture this time though and I am wondering if that made a difference because I am 98% sure that I didn't ovulate this cycle.  I did get positive OPKs and felt all the right twinges around the time that ovulation was supposed to happen, but my temps didn't go up so I don't think ovulation actually happened.  I am now waiting for Aunt Flow to show but if I didn't ovulate, she isn't likely to show.  I will not be doing clomid for a couple of months and that is only if I do decide to go that route again.  I need to meet with Dr. S again and find out what he thinks I should do.  I just wish that someone could tell me one way or the other, yes it is possible that you can get pregnant this way or no, it will definitely not work.  It would be so much easier if I just knew. 
So anyway, other than that we are just praying for some fires (not anything big, just enough to get some overtime and hazard pay) and I keep hoping the summer will slow down a bit so I can enjoy it.  That's not likely to happen though.


The Reluctant Blogger said...

I'm sorry your last cycle didn't result in a happy month for you. I know you feel wanting a answer what will work and what wont. Hopefully Dr. S can help you out on that one. Prayers for Skeet staying safe this season...with overtime!

Lexi said...

I wanted to recommend that you see an endo specialist that can help properly treat your condition.

I wish you the best of luck