Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have had a couple of comments where people confessed to not knowing what a FET is. I apologize for not explaining earlier. A FET is a Frozen Embryo Transfer. When they do a fresh IVF cycle sometimes they have enough blastocysts (5-6 day old embryos) leftover to freeze for future attempts. We had 5 blasts frozen, used 2 in August, 1 didn't survive thawing, and we have 2 left for use in May. The reason we really don't refer to it as IVF is because it doesn't require an egg retrieval or fertilization because that has already been done. There is a huge price difference too. IVF (including all tests and medications) cost us about $22,000 give or take a couple thousand. A FET costs around $4,000 give or take $1,000, but that is only if you don't need to repeat any tests and can get some of the medication from your doctor. This time around may cost us around $5,000 or $6,000 but still much less than a fresh IVF cycle.

So I hope that answered your questions... feel free to ask more if you have them!


Amy Jo said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I feel like I'm "in the know!" I so hope it goes well for you , and you don't have to spend the high end of the amount needed. Continued thoughts and prayers for you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candi, This is Dao (from the baby center ivf forum) I still read your blog and I think you should include both Avery and your FET on this one blog. I am doing an FET too but in June. I go in for my consultation this Friday. Not looking forward to the suppression period. It's great that you will document your FET to educate others. I am documenting mine on my blog as well.