Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sawyer Pictures

Sawyer had a fun but busy summer.  I tried to get as much fun in as I could before baby brother arrived but we really only had the weekends to work with. Since Sawyer has been walking he has been such a busy little boy, all over the place and in  to everything!  He loves to be outside and throws the biggest tantrums when he has to go in.
Our first trip to the mountain... he found a chair just his size and he loved it!!

He got so dirty!! But that is what the mountain is for right?

Sawyer started walking at around 15 months!! He's been going non stop ever since. 

He is still daddy's biggest fan!

He used to prop his leg up on his tray... so cute!! Glad I got the picture when I did because he doesn't do it anymore.. his legs are too long now!

Still adores Grandpa too!

Being silly.

Yummy pizza!

So spoiled! Notice he's playing with a flashlight instead of his toys.. it figures!

Swimming in Veyo.  He had so much fun!

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