Sunday, October 27, 2013

The things I want to always remember 2013 edition

I haven't done a post like this in a while.  I wish I had time to write down everything the boys do and say so that I could forever remember it.  I wish I had a good memory and I could always remember how adorable Coop looked today walking away from me like a little drunken man.  He was trying out walking in shoes on the pavement and did a great job.  I could take thousands of videos of these boys on my phone if it would let me!  I hate that my memory is so bad and I cannot remember what Sawyer was like without having to be reminded by looking at pictures.  I can't remember most of my childhood, even high school and after is a blur.  I hate that about me! 

Things I want to remember about Sawyer...
How he says "Oh thank you momma" when I do something, anything for him.
How he tells me " Momma, I hold you" when he wants to be held.
How he will grab my face and turn it to kiss my cheek, while saying "Here, let me kiss your face"
How excited he gets when he sees daddy or grandpa.
How worked up he gets when grandma teases him about taking a nap with his kitty or how she's going to eat his dinner.
How every little thing out of his mouth surprises and amazes me.
The way he looks when he first wakes up.
How it feels to have his arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder.
How perfectly he still fits on my lap with my arms around him. 
How he says "it's gonna be much fun" or " I so excited"
How intently he will stare at a book and the sweet comments he'll make as we read.
The moments when he is sweet to his brother.
Any time he reaches for me.
Any time he asks for my help
How he will be eating his food and will randomly say "hmm needs salt" or "yummy dinner momma, thank you"
How much he loves to paint and the joy in his face while he's doing it.
How proud he is of himself when he accomplishes something he's been working at.
How big his eyes get when he's telling us something that excites him.
How much he loves his doggy and how excited he gets to see her.

Things I want to remember about Cooper.
The way he holds on to my hand or arm when I'm holding him.
His cuddles (they are awesome)
The way he sort of sings to himself right before he goes to sleep
The way he dances
His adorable waddle in the first few weeks after he started walking
The way he yells "momma" or "bop-bop" (grandpa) from his crib when he wakes up.
His long hair.
The way he points his finger and says "no-no" when he's about to do something, or in the middle of doing something, he knows he's not supposed to be doing.
The way he says "stuck", "bite" or "more"
His cheesy grin
The way he claps for himself
The way he looks at his big brother (most of the time)
How sweet he is when he smiles
How much he loves his blankie
How he'll grab my shoulder or arm to try to turn me in the direction he wants me to go.
How he holds on to my pant legs as I walk around the house
His fishy face
His belly laugh
His love for Peek-a-boo (although he only says "boo")
How much he loves to pretend to drive and how he says "nun nun"
How much he loves his dad
How it feels to hold him and smell his sweet head, kiss his squishy cheeks and feel his soft skin
The way he'll cuddle into me to read a book or play with my phone
The way he looks with just his 8 little front teeth.

I am sure there is more... I love these boys more than words can say.  I can't believe how blessed I am and I pray I will never take them for granted.  This opportunity for me to stay home with them has been amazing and I will never regret it.  I dread the day when my schooling is done and I have to go back to work! 

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Mrs. Rebecca Henrie said...


Your family picture is adorable! I love that you keep track of all of the memories of your little boys and are such a devoted Mother. You are such a great example to me, and I'm so glad I've been able to get to meet and know you. Love, Beckie